Advising and helping students navigate the curriculum is a primary objective of the pre-health advising team. Each student’s path is unique and it is important to note that Sewanee’s Pre-Medical and Health Program strives to ensure success for each student by closely aligning their course work with their other academic and co-curricular goals.


Sewanee has comprehensive pre-health advising for all students interested in going into the healthcare field.  For an individualized path through Sewanee's pre-health curriculum and to discuss enrichment opportunities to help you succeed in achieving your goals in the medical field, please contact the Director Alyssa Summers or Assistant Director Cynthia Gray. Additionally there is a pre-health informational session each August, designed as an orientation for new students interested in pre-health.  Another great way to stay connected with Sewanee's pre-health program is to read and pay attention to the weekly email reminders of events and read the monthly newsletter. Additionally, the screens in Spencer Commons will have current events and opportunities posted daily. 

Alyssa Summers
Associate Professor of Biology & Director of Pre-Health Program
Spencer Hall ·
Cynthia Gray
Instructor of Biology & Assistant Director of Pre-health advising
Spencer Hall 176B ·