Advising and helping students navigate the curriculum is a primary objective of the pre-health advising team. Each student’s path is unique and it is important to note that Sewanee’s Pre-Medical and Health Program strives to ensure success for each student by closely aligning their coursework with their other academic and co-curricular goals.


Sewanee has comprehensive pre-health advising for all students interested in going into health care. For an individualized path through Sewanee's pre-health curriculum and to discuss enrichment opportunities to help you succeed in achieving your goals, please contact Director Alyssa Summers or Associate Director Cynthia Gray. Additionally, there is a pre-health orientation for new students each August. Another great way to stay connected with Sewanee's pre-health program and to find out about opportunities is to read the weekly emails and check out the screens in Spencer Commons.

Alyssa Summers
Associate Professor of Biology & Director of Pre-Health Program
Spencer Hall 176 ·
Cynthia Gray
Instructor of Biology & Associate Director of Pre-health PROGRAM
Spencer Hall 176B ·