For students with career goals in medicine, the designation as a Hippocrates Fellow brings with it a mark of distinction and special opportunities to ensure a strong start to the pre-medical experience at Sewanee and continued success beyond our gates as leaders in Medicine.


Hippocrates Fellows getting ready to observe a surgery at Adventis Hospital in Washington, D.C.

  • Engage with goal oriented pre-medical students who are interested in making a difference in field medicine through learning about ethical leadership and patient centered medical practice. 
  • Complete a fully-funded summer experience that includes curricular, internship, and leadership opportunities.
  • Gain experience that makes you competitive for placement into A Career Exploration (ACE) medical internships in the summer after your sophomore year.
  • Participate in cohort activities that explore medical education, patient advocacy, and the business side of healthcare. 
  • Opportunities for close mentorship with pre-health faculty and medical alumni.

Hippocrates Fellows at Fellowship Dinner at the Sewanee Inn



The Hippocrates Fellows Program aims to create an atmosphere that enhances each Fellow's potential and personal development path during their time at Sewanee. This is a holistic program that focuses on the whole person to create medical professionals ready to be leaders in the ever-changing healthcare arena.


First two Cohort of Hippocrates Fellows



The Hippocrates Fellowship program has helped me obtain a stronger sense of myself and my abilities to become a leader not just in the field of medicine, but throughout the campus as well. It has also helped me understand the dynamics of working with a diverse group, such as the other members of the program, and how that can be applied in future occupations. I have enjoyed working with the other fellows and Dr. Summers immensely during my time here at Sewanee

Hippocrates Fellow Firefighters serving Sewanee’s Fire Department as first responders


I've found the Hippocrates Fellows group to be both insightful in the meetings that we have, but also helpful outside of the hour a week we spend together.  Being a part of this group immediately gives you peers that have the same interests and ambitions that we are able to discuss collectively in the meetings.  Led by Dr. Summers, we are able to visualize our goals but also find steps necessary to reach them. In classes like introductory Biology and Chemistry, Hippocrates Fellow members are going to be in the same class which gives you an immediate study group to go over coursework with.  This group along with Dr. Summers have helped in acclimating to Sewanee as we go over the importance of leadership in medical practices, finding our own strengths and weaknesses individually and in group settings, and being given a support system to make the most out of your college experience.

Fellows enjoying some downtime in Chattanooga 


The Hippocrates Fellowship has played an integral role in my short time in Sewanee — serving to both nurture and scaffold as I define my place here on The Mountain. I have found the weekly Sunday meetings to serve as an hour-long retreat; grounding and rejuvenating as I prepare myself for a busy week of challenging courses and extracurricular programming. The conversations Dr. Summers facilitates allow me to zoom out, bringing the larger goal I am working to accomplish into clear view. I have particularly enjoyed the focus on soft skills that are non-specific to medicine, such as emotional intelligence, goal setting, and stress management. We explore a broad range of ideas that I am sure are positioning us for worldly success in our respective medical interests. Aside from the wonderful work of Dr. Summers, the fellowship immediately provides me with four peers who I can rely on for academic camaraderie. I appreciate having a group of students who have a common goal but diverse non-academic interests. I look forward to the fruits of this program, even as my role in it evolves through the duration of my undergraduate career.

The first Fellows Cup, Hippocrates Fellows vs Carey Fellows


The Hippocrates Fellows program has given me the opportunity to discuss and develop new perspectives about the world of medicine and all that it encompasses. It has created a great sense of camaraderie between pre-med students and has been such an enlightening experience thus far. Dr. Summers is an incredible resource and does an excellent job directing us and opening our view to new ways to think about the processes involved in the medicine we see every day. I highly recommend the program for any motivated student interested in medicine with a passion for discussion and new perspectives.





The application is open to any pre-medical Sewanee student who is interested in being a leader in medicine and has shown a strong commitment to becoming a physician. The application is due September 26, 2023 and an informational session will be available for those students who are interested September 13, 2023 with information about the application process. 


Hippocrates Fellows in Greece in front of the Hippocrates Museum 




Those who are interested in applying to be Hippocrates Fellow in the Fall of their freshman year should enroll in pre-medical coursework during their first semester at Sewanee, which will consist of Chemistry (either CHEM119, CHEM120, or CHEM150) and as available be enrolled in BIOL133, Introduction to Molecular Biology.   Successful applicants will have shown that they are engaged in leadership activities while at Sewanee and take an active role in learning about pre-health opportunities.  They should have a strong track record in high school of being able to time manage their coursework and extracurricular activities while showing that they are committed to serving others. In addition, applicants should show thoughtful consideration to application questions and show their maturity in embarking on this journey in pre-medical education and leadership development. 



Hippocrates Fellows participate in a sequence of academic and skills-based experiences designed to equip them with the knowledge and training to succeed as leaders in medicine. In addition to completing the curricular requirements of the pre-medical coursework, Hippocrates Fellows are expected to complete three summers of internship experiences in their area of interest. The first summer internship is a formal structural part of the first-year experience and will be at Sewanee and is covered specifically under the Hippocrates Fellowship curriculum. 

Fellows should actively participate in Program activities throughout their time at Sewanee and attend pre-health opportunities involving visiting speakers, medical school admissions teams, etc. They should be active members and leaders in the pre-health program. 

Hippocrates Fellows are expected to earn a minimum GPA of 3.4 by the end of their freshman year and maintain that minimum of 3.4 each semester of their Sewanee career, though to successfully matriculate to medical school it is recommended to reach a 3.6 or above. Those Lastly, Hippocrates Fellows are expected to compose themselves on campus and beyond as mature, honorable, and thoughtful leaders.   




Fellows working on their suturing skills


Complete the required coursework in Chemistry (CHEM120 or CHEM150) and BIOL133.   Participate in the Hippocrates Seminar (MHUM150) course during the spring semester.  During the summer Hippocrates Fellows benefit from a funded summer experience after their freshman year comprising academic work, clinical shadowing internship experience, and leadership opportunities. Fellows enroll in summer school and have the opportunity to take courses that will help them fulfill their pre-medical requirements, as well as courses in Science Literacy and Medical Humanities.






Fellows working with Pre-Health Board Members on MCAT questions at our yearly meeting


Like all pre-health students, the Hippocrates Fellows have support from their pre-major advisor as well as advisors in the Office of Medical and Health Programs to help them navigate the curriculum and find support and success at Sewanee. In addition, Hippocrates Fellows are part of a cohort system in which peers, recent Sewanee pre-medical graduates, and alumni physicians, and the faculty Director of the Fellows Program provide additional support. Fellows regularly meet for seminars and other activities which create a sense of close academic community and support.





Fellows competing for the Fellows cup working on collaborative teamwork and leadership 


Complete the recommended prerequisite coursework for pre-medical students in Chemistry (CHEM201 AND CHEM202) and BIOL233.   Participate in the Hippocrates Seminar (MHUM150) course during the spring semester.  Stay active in pre-health programs and seek opportunities. Aim to take on leadership positions at Sewanee.  Plan for a medical related internship for the Summer.  Our new J. Patrick Dilworth C'80 Pre-Health Internship Fund is specifically set up to support Hippocrates Fellows.  





Finish up remaining pre-medical course requirements, plan for MCAT prep, begin working with a pre-medical advisor on application planning, and continue to be a leader on campus and beyond.   Plan for Fellow related travel and experiences which vary by year, but do require you to be away from campus for 3-5 days at a time.  This is a critical time in preparing for medical school and there will be a lot of opportunities to strengthen your application, be sure to stay informed and stay involved.