For students with career goals in medicine, the designation as a Hippocrates Fellow brings with it a mark of distinction and special opportunities to ensure a strong start to the pre-medical experience at Sewanee during the freshman year and continued success beyond.

As a Hippocrates Fellow, you:
  • Enroll in required pre-medical courses during your freshman year.
  • Complete a fully-funded summer experience that includes curricular, internship, and leadership opportunities.
  • Gain experience that makes you competitive for placement into A Career Exploration (ACE) medical internships in the summer after your sophomore year.
  • Receive additional close advising from faculty, peers, and alumni.
More about the HIPPOCRATES Fellowship

Program Details

Hippocrates Fellows will be enrolled in Chemistry and Molecular Biology during the summer registration period and are otherwise encouraged to take humanities courses related to their interest. Following the first year of academics, Fellows will take part in a Summer School Program consisting of both academic and clinical components.

Mentorship & Advising

The Hippocrates Fellows Program aims to create an atmosphere that enhances each Fellow's potential and personal development path during their time at Sewanee. This is a holistic program that focuses on the whole person to create medical professionals ready to be leaders in the ever-changing health care arena.

How to Apply

All admitted students are invited to apply using the link below. The deadline for receipt of applications to become a Hippocrates Fellow is April 1. All applicants will be notified of their decision status by April 15.