Associate Professor of International and Global Studies; IGS Chair*
B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania;
M.A. from Emory University;
Ph.D. in the joint History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies program at New York University


*Shana will be on Academic Leave 2021-2022. Nick Roberts will be Interim Chair in her absence


Shana Minkin earned her Ph.D. in New York University’s joint History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies program, her M.A. from Emory University, and her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Minkin work traverses the fields of modern Middle East history, Death Studies, Jews in Muslim Lands, and studies of colonialism and empire. Her first book, Imperial Bodies: Empire and Death in Alexandria, Egypt (Stanford University Press 2019) was the culmination of years of research in Egypt, France, and England. It reveals how the processing of dead bodies allowed British and French imperial powers to make claims of belonging in Egypt, negotiating for land and resources not only amongst European powers but also with the nascent Egyptian national government. Dr. Minkin’s current research project, tentatively titled Vera-fying History: Memories of an Egyptian Jewish Life, is part oral history, part memoir of Dr. Minkin’s friendship with an Egyptian Jewish woman, Vera al-Karib, and an exploration of Vera’s decision to stay in Egypt after the dispersion of the Egyptian Jewish community in the 1950s.

Spencer 251C / ext. 3168