Professor and Associate Dean for Global Education
B.A., Oberlin College; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University

Scott Wilson received his B.A. at Oberlin College and his Ph.D. from Cornell University. His research has shifted from his dissertation on village political economy to issues related to China and globalization.  Currently, he is writing two journal articles related to citizen participation and Chinese environmental governance. The first article, a co-authored work with Qin Tianbao (Wuhan University, Research Institute of Environmental Law), addresses citizen participation in the Chinese environmental impact assessment process, and the second explores the relationship between Chinese state power and citizen participation. He counts his year spent living in a village outside of Shanghai and his many interviews with Chinese activists and lawyers as some of the highlights of his more than five years in China. His course offerings reflect his interest in Chinese politics and political economy, global economic relations, economic development, comparative politics, the interface of global politics and domestic institutions, and Gramscian political theory. When not teaching or conducting research, Scott enjoys running, watching his daughters play soccer, and cooking.

In 2009, Scott published a book manuscript titled, Remade in China:  Foreign Investors and Institutional Change (Oxford University Press). The book examines how foreign investors are affecting China's labor market, wage system, legal development, and industrial reforms. Click here to see the table of contents and a portion of the introduction. For a review of the book by Doug Guthrie, click here

More recently, he has published a book titled Tigers Without Teeth: The Pursuit of Justice in Contemporary China (Rowman and Littlefield, 2015). The book examines the efforts HIV carriers and pollution victims, backed by civil society organizations and activist lawyers, to use the judicial system to protect their rights. The International Journal of Asia Pacific Studies has published an article by Scott titled "Settling for Discrimination:  HIV/AIDS Carriers and the Resolution of Legal Claims,” in a special edition on “Governing AIDS.

During the academic year 2014-15, Scott conducted research at the Research Institute of Environmental Law at Wuhan University, China. His research, supported by a Fulbright grant, focused on citizen participation in China's environmental governance. In particular, Scott researched environmental public interest lawsuits, brought by civil society organizations, and China's environmental impact assessment process. His recent work includes a study of environmental public interest litigation and an analysis of citizen participation in China's environmental governance (Economic and Political Studies, 2016)

Scott Wilson cv 2015

Areas of Expertise

China, political economy, environmental movement, civil society, AIDS, rule of law