Deborah A. McGrath

Professor of Biology and Assistant Dean of the Environment

Spencer Hall 167A / ext. 1991

James R. Peters

Professor of Philosophy, Coordinator of Environmental Arts and Humanities

Carnegie 201A / ext. 1581

Robert E. Bachman

F. B. Williams Professor of Chemistry, Director of the First-Year Program

Spencer Hall 263 / ext. 1336

Sid Brown

Professor of Religious Studies

Walsh-Ellett 215 / ext. 1529

Lisa Burner

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Gailor 230, Ext. 3140

Daniel Clay Carter

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Woods Lab 110 / ext. 1418

Kristen K. Cecala

Associate Professor of Biology, Co-Director Island Ecology Program

Spencer Hall 152 / ext. 3153 (Sabbatical)

Aaron A. Elrod

Associate Professor of Economics

Carnegie 114 / ext. 3156

Jonathan P. Evans

Professor of Biology

Spencer Hall 153 / ext. 1304

David George Haskell

Professor of Biology

Walsh-Ellett 213B / ext. 1528

Martin A. Knoll

Professor of Geology, Chair of Department

Snowden 203/ ext. 1713

Karen Kuers

Professor of Forestry

Snowden 207 / ext. 1421

Roger S. Levine

Associate Professor of History

Walsh-Ellett 307 / ext. 1785

Pradip Malde

Professor of Art

Carnegie 305 / ext. 1537

Greg Pond

Professor of Art

Studio Art Bldg 110 / ext. 1870

Celeste Ray

Professor of Environmental Arts and Humanities and Anthropology

Cleveland Annex 8 / ext. 1829

Sarah Sherwood

Associate Professor of Archaeology, University Archaeologist

Snowden 220 / ext. 3396

C. Ken Smith

Professor of Forestry

Snowden 209 / ext. 3219

Andrew R. H. Thompson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics, Director of Alternative Clergy Training at Sewanee (ACTS), Director of Sewanee Ministry Collaborative

Scott Torreano

Professor of Forestry

Snowden 205 / ext. 1271

Christopher Van de Ven

GIS Instructor and Manager of the Landscape Analysis Lab

Snowden 105 / ext. 3354

Keri Watson

Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Systems

Snowden 216 / ext. 1116

John C. Willis

Jessie Ball duPont Professor of History

Walsh-Ellett 201 / ext. 1534

Scott Howard Wilson

Professor and Associate Dean for Global Education

Carnegie 106 / ext. 1173

Kirk S. Zigler

Professor of Biology

Spencer Hall 152 / ext. 3153