English faculty have been hard at work writing and editing criticism - here are some of our recent publications! 

Stephanie Batkie published an essay on the rarely read Latin poet Walter of Petersborough, “‘Compositum in compedibus’: Scribal Panegyric in MS Rawlinson B.214” in “Of latine and of othire lare”: Essays in Honour of David Carlson, edited by Robert F. Yeager and Richard Firth Green (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 2022). 

In the same volume, Matthew Irvin published on a Latin poem of English poet John Gower, “Gower Reforms the Vox: Heresy and Adaptation in Carmen super Muliplici Penstilencia Viciorum.” He also published an article on 16th century religious rhetoric, “‘A Confidence as Bold’: The Rhetorical Construction of Evangelical Authority in Hugh Latimer’s ‘Sermon of the Plough,’” in Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric 40.1.

Dr. Batkie, Dr. Irvin, and Dr. Lynn Shutters of Colorado State University, edited the book A Companion to New Critical Thinking on Chaucer, from Arc Humanities Press. 

John Grammer recently published two book chapters on Southern writing: "The Wrecking Crew:  Willie Morris, Larry L. King, Marshall Frady, and the Southern Turn in American Literary Journalism," in Insiders, Outsiders: Toward a New History of Southern Thought, ed. Sarah E. Gardner and Steven M. Stowe (University of North Carolina Press, 2021) and "Out of the Silent South: White Southerners Writing Race During the Long Reconstruction," in Race in American Literature and Culture, ed. John Ernest (Cambridge University Press, 2022).