Jennifer Michael - Let Me Let Go

Sewanee English Professor and Department Chair Jennifer Michael has a new poetry chapbook now available for sale!

Two reviews of her latest work are reprinted here:

"Jennifer Michael’s Let Me Let Go explores the shifting nature of borders between self, parent, child, neighbor, and stranger. There are things that need to be said, maybe “not yet the last things,” but, even so, crowding in on “the narrowing space” our lives inhabit are the realities of dementia, stroke, premonition, admonition, nightmare, border guard, as well as the endless preparations we make that still don’t prepare us for “when news breaks,” close to home or elsewhere. Perhaps that is why, as Michael says, “tenderness and ritual/are all the answers that we have.” Whether navigating hallway or beach, grocery aisle or trail home among fireflies, Michael reminds us of “the sublime reach that pulls, gives back,/pulls and gives back” and, at least for a while, we believe we might find rest within, and maybe even beyond, the too often incomprehensible immensities that surround us." -Jeff Hardin

"Jennifer Michael’s chapbook Let Me Let Go is about liminal spaces: what exists there and what does not. Particularly interested in the movement of people —a four-pound baby, a father with dementia—she understands that something magical happens in approaching the crossing. At the same time, there is a stubborn love that connects us when we are in the same space. At stunning ease with meter, Michael brings together a set of unexpected frameworks—traditional and not—with the result that the reader doesn’t want to “let go.” I heartily recommend this lovely book."-Kim Bridgford

You can purchase her book here.

More information on Dr. Michael's life and work can be found here.