Recent Sewanee graduates and English majors Sydney Leibfritz, Briana Wheeler, and Carlos Zayas-Pons, all C'20, have founded a new literary journal called Ample Remains. The new journal is "fixated on the things that remain and live within us":

We want the work inspired from the thoughts that refuse to withdraw from the creases of your brain until you translate them into something legible. We want to sit with it, to let it die and be reborn through art. Give us what has lingered in your bones and in the broken bottles under your bed. Share the unnamed emotions that have persisted in your soul. Grab us with your voice, your thoughts, and never let us go. Force us to remain there with you.

With an additional aim to "collect words born from frayed memories and the thoughts lodged within us," the journal will publish all manner of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and everything in between.

Their new website also features a list of authors to read along with accompanying music suggestions for deep engagements with literature and the soul. Found out more about their new project (and submit your articles) on the Ample Remains website.