Archaeology studies the mysteries of human history. Looking at tools, food remains, dwellings, even clues to social relationships: gender, class, and ethnicity—the study of archaeology gives us a glimpse into how cultures have changed through time. Unearth the secrets of communities from centuries to millennia ago, and see why the lessons you learn today matter for our future.

Why study Archaeology at Sewanee?

The field of archaeology is expanding in both the humanities and the sciences. At Sewanee, with the application of innovative instrumentation and techniques, and access to interdisciplinary approaches, you’ll have an opportunity to address new questions spanning human history, subsistence technology and foodways, ancient migration, mortuary practices, and prehistoric ritual.

The archaeology minor at Sewanee will expose you to archaeological excavation and survey (take part in ongoing field research on the University Domain), artifact analysis, sacred landscapes, regional history and prehistory across the world, museum studies, and numerous career options. Thanks to an emphasis on environmental legislation, heritage tourism, and bio-cultural resources, the field of archaeology is brimming with relevance and opportunity. 

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Sarah C. Sherwood
Associate Professor of Archaeology, University Archaeologist

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