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Sewanee provides assistance to students and the community on campus through many services and departments. We provide the services listed below so that students can thrive in this community. Review the information so you know where you need to go if you or an organization member ever needs assistance.


Sewanee Cares  

Sewanee Cares is the guide to resources that provide support for all students and tools to promote well-being. It takes all of us supporting one another to create a caring community.


Reporting a Student of Concern

The Care Team, made up of the Deans of Students and Residential Life staff, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, and representatives from the University Wellness Center, meets regularly to discuss interventions and support for students who may be struggling. Your report will be shared with that team, and you may be contacted about the information you provided. The Care Team can employ a number of interventions ranging from a quick check-in to more intensive conversations or requests.


Reporting a hateful or bias conduct

The Dean of Students office reviews any reports of bias or hateful conduct that takes place on campus. These reports are created by the community, so, if this happens, it is important that you use this form. 


LiveSafe App

LiveSafe is a mobile-safety technology for the University’s community, empowers students, University employees, and campus visitors to take charge of their own safety and to look out for those around them. For more information about the app, follow this link!