This is a guide of how to brainstorm, plan, and host events in the time of COVID-19! Please be sure to review this before brainstorming to ensure the proper steps are taken.


Step 1: Review Covid-19 interim event Guidelines

  • All events, with or without alcohol consumption, must be registered 10 days ahead of the event date on Engage. This is to ensure a timely review of the event submission and to address any questions or concerns regarding the event.
  • Events with alcohol, in any form, must be held outside only. 
  • Events without alcohol can occur indoors or outdoors as deemed necessary by the organization but must respect the current University mask requirement.
  • The size for any type of event is restricted only to the occupancy limit of the facility or space.
  • All events must utilize the Corq and check-in app that is tied to each approved event in Engage or use an attendance list. This is to ensure readily available data in the event the University reinstates contact tracing. In addition, this data serves as part of the information used by the Student Government Association in the Activities Fee Committee allocation process.
  • The use of food at indoor events is allowed, but not encouraged. If incorporating food the mask must be worn outside of eating/drinking moments.
  • Please note that these guidelines are subject to change depending on new University guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Step 2: Brainstorm the event

Step 3: submit an event request


Step 4: how to purchase items for the event

Step 5: review the checklist for the day of 

And now you are all set! If you have any questions about these videos, please reach out to the Office of Campus Activities (