The mission of the Faculty-Mentor Program is to provide support and encouragement to students of color through facilitated mentoring relationships. The objective is to help students achieve success and satisfaction as members of our academic community while maintaining high rates of retention.

The Faculty-Mentor Program accomplishes this goal by structuring relationships between faculty members and students in one-on-one mentor-mentee relationships intended to enhance the academic and social experience of students of color and those who contribute to diversity in the College. The involvement by members of the faculty in students' lives assists, facilitates, and advances the rate of their adjustment to college and to success in academic life.

The Faculty-Mentor Program supplements rather than supplants the academic advising program. A mentor is an additional source of advice and encouragement and a person who often becomes a special friend to students. The program pairs faculty and students for one year, with both parties having the option to continue during subsequent years or select a new partner.


The Program sponsors three formal programs (dinners and receptions) during the academic year. Mentors meet informally with their mentees several times during the semester for lunch, travel to near-by cities for cultural or other events, or include their students in a family gathering. The Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs reimburses expenses incurred by faculty entertaining a mentee.

Goal of the Faculty-Mentor Program
  • To assist new students in the transition from high school to college;
  • To enable students to hear and learn about academics and life from the accumulated wisdom of our faculty;
  • To help students develop the personal confidence to make their unique contribution to the academic and social life of the College;
  • To give students insight into the challenges and rewards of higher education during and after their Sewanee careers, including the possibility of earning a doctorate and teaching on the college level; and
  • As a result of the above, help to further increase student satisfaction with their Sewanee education.