The decisions made by a Conduct Officer or Student Conduct Board related to responsibility or sanctions can be appealed, provided that one or more of the reasons for appeal is relevant to the case:

  1. Procedural error, which had a bearing on the original decision.
  2. New information that was not available at the time of the hearing which would affect the original decision.
  3. Information demonstrating that there is no way a reasonable person could have arrived at decisions similar to the original decision absent bias.

The right to appeal does not entitle a student or student organization to a full rehearing of the entire case. The appellate board reviews the appeal only if sufficient and appropriate grounds for appeal exist.  No appeal simply stating the student’s perception that the outcome is overly punitive will be considered unless outcomes vary wildly from standard sanctioning practices.

For full details on the Appeals procedures, please refer to the eqb Guide for living in community 2020-2021.