Mandatory Reporters are not required to report knowledge of possible sexual misconduct in the following instances:

Mandatory Reporter learns of prohibited conduct after having received IRB approval of a very limited exception for research into the area of sexual violence, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, unwanted sexual misconduct, domestic violence, relationship abuse, stalking (including cyber-stalking), and dating violence. In this case, the following stipulations apply:

  1. Researchers should note that the Mandatory Reporter of the Title IX incidents exception for research applies only to disclosures of student-on-student sexual misconduct incidents made during the research project for which it was approved, and will not relieve researchers from other mandatory reporting responsibilities, such as child abuse or neglect reporting obligations.
  2. The Mandatory Reporter of Title IX incidents exception for research does not apply to minors (students under the age of 18).
  3. The Mandatory Reporter of Title IX incidents exception for research extends to all researchers on the project for which an approval was granted, including staff and students named in the IRB application who are working on the project.
  4. Informed consent disclosures to participants must include: (a) a statement that the researcher will NOT make reports UNLESS the disclosure involves a minor or the imminent risk of harm, and (b) a link to the University's Title IX page for information about support services and other Title IX information.

See full Mandatory Reporter Policy here.