With our learning management system, Blackboard, you can easily share any type of file (.docx, .jpg., .pdf, .mp4) with the students in your class. This is done through the use of Content Areas on the left hand side of your course's homepage. 

Use the drop-down contextual menus for each item to modify, or add additional content areas using the "plus" sign in the top left.

Once you have named and organized your content areas, you are ready to add files for your students. Click on a content area to navigate to it. Once there, use the BUILD CONTENT menu at the top to choose which type of content you want to include:

Notice that there are many different types of content you can share with your students. A complete list of the different content types and how they function can be found on Blackboard's help website here.

The most common (and probably easiest) content type to use is an ITEM. In addition to attaching any type of file for your students to download (.docx, .pdf, .jpg, .mp4) you can also add a description of the item, which may be helpful in linking your content to course learning objectives. This description could take the form of instructions for your students for any given assignment or activity associated with the file.

When you choose to create an ITEM, give it a title, a description, and then upload the file from your computer. Click "submit" when you are finished:


Your file will then appear in the appropriate content area you chose. Once your uploads are finished, you can see what it looks like for your students by using the "student preview" button in the top right:



Want to do something else on Blackboard? 
Visit their knowledge basehttps://help.blackboard.com 
Contact your relevant faculty support staff member here.