Welcome to the Sewanee's Celebration of Teaching for the 2020-2021 academic year!

Each spring semester the University's Center for Teaching takes one week to celebrate the process and outcomes of education in the classroom. This annual Celebration of Teaching is a tradition intended to spotlight both the innovative and impactful teaching work of the faculty and the dedicated work of their students.  

While regularly this is an opportunity for all in the University community to experience and share the magic of education in the physical classroom, this year, because of the unique circumstances of remote teaching, our Center has invited current students and faculty to sit down with one another virtually to take time and reflect on the nature and outcomes of their four years of hard work teaching and learning.


We invite the community to enjoy some brief glimpses below from our dedicated faculty and students. We are especially delighted to share with you their joys, frustrations, and meaningful reflections on how and why they've pursued and nurtured the education that happens on this campus.

Want to know more about Sewanee's teaching? Visit the Center for Teaching's main website here.


Ben Sweeton and Professor Amy Patterson

Senior Ben Sweeton and Politics Professor Amy Patterson reflect on their time in the classroom and the value of questions without answers.

Dana Garcia and Professor Karen Yu

Senior Dana Garcia and Psychology Professor Karen Yu reflect on their advising relationship and their pursuit of a noble virtue.

Ivana Porashka and Professor Aymeric Glacet

Senior Ivana Porashka and French Professor Aymeric Glacet reminisce about the Sewanee program in Paris and how one’s work is the development of one’s self.

Edith Amason and Professor Evan Joslin

Senior Edith Amason and Chemistry Professor Evan Joslin joyfully recall their bonding over labs that wouldn’t work and appreciate the growth that comes from challenges.

Sarah Cordell and Professor Katie Nelson-Coffey

Recent graduate Sarah Cordell and Psychology Professor Katie Nelson-Coffey reconnect in a conversation that considers the benefits of a liberal arts education in life beyond college.

Bramwell Atkins and Professor Stephanie McCarter

Senior Bram Atkins and Classics Professor Stephanie McCarter discuss how the ancient stories are rich with the breadth of human experience and alive in the present moment.

Mandy Tu and Professor Al Bardi

Senior Mandy Moe Pwint Tu and Psychology Professor Al Bardi talk about academics, activism, and the importance of finding one’s voice.

Dominique Ciza and Professor James Tengatenga

School of Theology MA student Dominique Ciza and Bishop James Tengatenga reflect on the bond they formed as student and teacher and the value of the occasional evening of “foreigner talk”.

Alex Hornsby and Professor Sean O’Rourke

Senior Alex Hornsby and Rhetoric Professor Sean O’Rourke discuss speaking, writing, and how studying rhetoric helps make sense of what happens on social media.

Jonny Crumly and Professor John Coffey


Recent graduate Jonny Crumly and Psychology Professor John Coffey talk about the value of a “growth mindset” and how lessons learned in the classroom continue to resonate in the world of work.

Simion Kinono and Professor Romulus Stefanut

School of Theology MA student Simion Kinono and Professor of Theological Bibliography and Library Instruction Romulus Stefanut discuss humility, the joy of learning, and the challenge of speaking English as a seventh language.

Bernice Leveque and Professor Paul Holloway

Senior Bernice Leveque and Professor of Classics and Ancient Christianity Paul Holloway reflect on the value of thinking about race and identity in the ancient world and on writing as a form of friendship.