These students have indicated that they are available for hire as tutors. Sewanee is providing their information as a service only and cannot speak to the experience, training, or quality of any tutor. Sewanee is not involved with setting rates or any other financial transactions.

Name Areas of study Contact
Caroline Cole English, History, Art, Music,
Isabelle Morris Spanish
Gil Horner General chemistry, molecular biology
Esmeralda Trevino Spanish, Pre-Algebra
Bryan Walker Math, physics
Michael Kochinski English/Writing, History, Natural Sciences, Biology
Vanessa Moss Stat 204, Biol 130, 133, 213, 223
Klarke Stricklen English and History
Lucy Wimmer English (reading, writing), history, art, basic science
Meredith Moore English
Michael Rudolph Mathematics (up to, and including, Calculus); Ancient Greek; Philosophy; History; English (including essay composition); Chemistry (up to, but not including, Organic Chemistry); Molecular Biology and Genetics; Neurobiology.
Kip McGuire History, writing, English, edit papers, assist with research, religious studies
Isabel Smith High school and college level Chemistry, high school geometry and algebra
Haven Watson Neuroscience; Psychology; English 101
Briana Wheeler English (reading comprehension, mechanics, essay writing), most subjects through twelfth grade (not calculus or physics)
Dakota Collins English, History/Social Studies, Art & Art History, Theater Arts
Lindsey Crouchet Spanish, Spelling, Reading, Social Studies, Elementary Math, US History, Psychology
Shelby Bowles Environmental science and biology courses
Megan Upperman Science, math
Nicholas Fowler English, Spanish, Math, History
Grace Metzger English, geometry, algebra, Calculus, history, chemistry
Hiydees Feliciano-Torres English language / literature, US history, world history, government, algebra, geometry, chemistry
Peggy Owusu-Ansah French, English, history, music