Mid-Year Reviews

There are two mid-year collaborative review forms:

  • One form is designed to be completed primarily by the supervisor and creates an opportunity to revisit the goals of an individual defined in the spring review.
  • The second form is for departments that wish to hold group review sessions. When group review sessions occur the meeting will need to be documented within this form.
  • Departments may elect the method and/or form that best works for their staff. 

Signed copies of the review forms will be filed in Human Resources. 

  • If hard copies are sent, the forms will be filed in the staff member’s personnel folder. 
  • If scanned copies are sent, the forms will be stored electronically. Human Resources will not print unnecessary copies. (Preferred method)

How to complete a collaborative review

Group reviews: 

  • A group review meeting is held where group goals and achievements have been discussed and acknowledged.
  • The supervisor or department head leading the group will complete the mid-year update group form documenting the attendance of topics of the meeting. 
  • The supervisor or department head will scan the completed group form to Human Resources with their signature.
  • If there is a concern about an individual staff member within the group, an individual review form (see next section) will need to be completed for that staff member.

Individual reviews:

  • The supervisor starts the process by completing the first section of the mid-year update review form by commenting on the process of the goals defined in the previous spring review. 
  • An update review meeting will need to occur for the supervisor and the staff member to discuss the supervisor’s comments. 
  • The staff member is welcome to add comments to the mid-year update form if desired. 
  • At the conclusion of the review meeting, the staff member and supervisor will sign the form. 
    • They each retain a signed copy. 
    • A signed copy will need to be scanned to Human Resources. HR will save each form electronically.