Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEP) is an organized effort to connect mission, current state, and the changing environment to long-term enrollment and fiscal health, resulting in a concrete, written plan of action.

Why SEP?

Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEP) integrates academic and co-curricular planning and aligns planning to respond to trends and enrollment pressures.

How is SEP different from previous planning efforts?
  • SEP is clearly outlined, transparent, and predictable
  • SEP is integrated & iterative—no longer ad hoc
  • SEP allows for ideas to be aligned with desired outcomes & measures
  • SEP moves recommendations into more detailed plans with timelines to be considered for funding
  • SEP announces which proposals are funded, why, and our shared desired values and outcomes
What you should know
  • Sewanee resides in an incredibly complex and challenging enrollment environment unlike anything we have experienced historically.
  • The decline of students seeking a four year degree translates into an acute and material financial impact on colleges nationwide, including Sewanee.
  • To thrive, Sewanee must create incremental prospective demand and significantly improve retention by swiftly installing curricular and non-curricular changes that ensure near and long term financial viability.