Enrollment in the context of the Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEP) includes student recruitment, retention, and student success. Therefore, the process must involve admission, student life, academics, career services, and almost every other function across the University.

The SEP scope

This project covers undergraduate enrollment.

The SEP Process

The SEP council is committed to creating an inclusive, integrated, iterative planning process that allows all interested parties to participate.

The SEP Outcome

The goal of the project is nothing short of ensuring the institution’s viability, vitality, and sustainability.

The SEP Council

The SEP Council is chiefly responsible for steering the institution through the process of strategic enrollment planning. They perform the following functions:

  • Assess organizational readiness
  • Establish the SEP operational structure
  • Design broad engagement to introduce campus departments to SEP
  • Conduct environmental scan, SWOT, and situational analysis
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Establish working teams
  • Oversee SEP process implementation
  • Reviews ideas and proposals