The Strategic Enrollment Council works to align Sewanee's fiscal, academic, co-curricular, and recruitment resources to ensure long-term enrollment success–and thereby also ensure the long-term health of the institution and all its students, faculty, administration, staff and community members.

About Strategic Enrollment Planning

What is Strategic Enrollment Planning?

A data-informed process that aligns an institution's fiscal, academic, co-curricular, and enrollment resources with its changing environment to accomplish the institution's mission and ensure long-term enrollment success while focusing on the health and wellbeing of the institution and all its students, faculty, administration, staff and community members.

Why do we need SEP?

To broadly engage the University community in a predictable, collaborative, and generative process. Improve communication. Respond to market disruption and demands in a collaborative and strategic manner following our values as an institution.

Sewanee's Process

How we got here?

Sewanee has a history of being engaged in broad strategic planning to understand and respond to the changing environment we see nationally in higher education. SEP is the next step in this process to move Sewanee forward leveraging best practices in higher education and to foster a more inclusive and iterative process to achieve more integrated goals in educating students.

How it is working?

The SEP Council is organized into operational groups that facilitate progress, accountability, and communication with the Sewanee community. There are working teams that will broadly focus on 4 scopes of work essential to the success of the SEP process. Faculty, staff, administrator, and SEP council members will work together on the working teams. Communication throughout this process will be shared with the Sewanee communication through this website, emails and print material.

Who can help?

Everyone in the University community can help and be involved. Join an SEP working team. Ask a question. Provide feedback. Additionally, there will be sessions throughout the year, hosted by SEP working groups, to engage with the broader University community.

Useful Information