The Center offers free monthly webinars, tuition-based short online courses, resources and materials, a certificate program in nature contemplation, and consulting for creation care ministries.

Theological Teaching and Learning

CRE is developing materials to help both lay and clergy members deepen their understanding of biblical and theological foundations for Christian thought and practice. We believe this area of work is critical for clarifying purpose, making meaningful decisions, and sustaining motivation.

Spiritual Practice and Faith Formation

CRE is developing materials to support spiritual renewal through nature contemplation, creation inclusive worship, spiritual direction, and other areas of faith formation. We believe root causes of environmental, racial, and other forms of exploitation are often spiritual, such that solutions call for spiritual healing and sustained practice.


CRE understands that consulting is a much-needed service as faith leaders seek to create new forms of ministry and invent new ways of being. CRE can bring to the table ideas and insight to assist in the critical work of discerning best practices and developing goals and program.

Resources and Materials

CRE recognizes that people who are trying to build ministries of Creation Care are constantly seeking resources to assist them. CRE seeks to provide libraries of audio, video, and printed resources to support this work among churches and ministries.

Retreats and Events

CRE knows that conversation and shared experiences are critical to the success of this ministry of change and renewal. People need extended conversations over time as they explore the issues and challenge their motivations. CRE offers opportunities for extended conversation and relationship-building both online and in person.