The big question in college is "what's next?" At Beyond the Gates, we will help you tackle the big questions and perfect the smallest details.

Working alongside alumni from the University, juniors and seniors are invited to participate in this fast-paced and engaging weekend. Each year, mentors and professionals from around the country come to the Mountain to talk about their experience and give first-hand advice. Keynote speakers, workshops, and breakout sessions give students on-the-ground experiences that will accompany them into the workforce. From finance and journalism to real estate and international affairs, participants will encounter an array of training and guidance. Suddenly the landscape outside the Gates becomes not-so-intimidating and abundant with opportunity. 

Students who participate in Beyond the Gates have the chance to learn about:
  • Various careers and career paths

  • How to begin and conduct a job search

  • Helpful tips on interviewing and the opportunity for a practice interview

  • Resumes and cover letters with the opportunity for a critique

  • What it's like to live and work in various cities

  • Personal finance and budgeting

  • Business dining etiquette and networking techniques

  • Succeeding in the first year on the job