We miss you

We know this has been a difficult time for everyone. We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy and that you have entered into a rhythm with remote learning and are preparing for your final exams.

Good news!

Many of you were not able to fully move out of your rooms. There is a plan for you to retrieve your belongings. Recognize that the fluidity of the situation may require that we adjust the details and dates of the plan.

Move out options

Option 1: Contract with a mover to pack your belongings

Contract with McMinnville Moving and Storage to pack and deliver your belongings to a local storage facility or to your home. This option would be at your expense. The estimate to pack a room with basic items and no large furniture is $400 (this estimate may vary depending on the amount and type of items to be packed). Shipping and storage fees are not included in that estimate. We encourage you to contact the storage company as soon as possible.

Option 2: Return to campus and retrieve your belongings

Return to campus and retrieve your belongings during the dates specified according to your home state. Please know, if you select this option, you will receive additional information next week about registering to move out on a specific date. While on campus, you will not be able to stay overnight in your room, linger in your residence hall, or gather on campus with other students. Details available here. We have set dates for three phases of student move-outs based on the current status of travel restrictions in each state.

Move-Out Form

Select one of the two options using this online form. If you do not need to retrieve your belongings, please indicate that on the form, as well. The deadline for selecting an option is 10 a.m. on Monday, April 27.