Your Options for How to Proceed After a Sexual Assault

Confidential Resources:
  • The University Wellness Center:
    The University Wellness Center has trained health and mental health professionals available to offer crisis support and referral services, completely confidential and at no cost to survivors:
    • Counseling and Psychological Services has trained clinicians who can provide both crisis and ongoing therapy, as well as advocacy, education, and referral assistance.  Students are encouraged to utilize walk-in services during open business hours by coming to the Wellness Center or calling 931.598.1325 and requesting a crisis appointment; or, for after hours support, contact the Mental Health Crisis Line 24/7 by calling 931.598.1700.
    • University Health Service offers a confidential physical exam, Plan B, pregnancy testing, STD testing, and referrals to counseling or other specialized services during open business hours.  UHS also offers a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) exam, if desired, to collect forensic evidence.  The SANE exam is also free of charge. UHS is obligated to notify law enforcement to pick up the completed SANE kit for transfer to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for analysis.  However, UHS is not required to disclose identity and may relinquish the complete SANE kit under the name of "Jane Doe". UHS can be contacted by calling 931.598.1777.
  • Partnership Rape Crisis Center of Chattanooga 
    Partnership RCC offers free SANE exams to collect forensic evidence, professional advocacy, and case management services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Crisis Center also offers free phone advocacy 24/7 at 423.755.2700.
Community Resources:

Southern Tennessee Regional Health Systems: Sewanee Hospital Emergency Room can examine and treat you for any physical injuries.  The Hospital physician on duty can provide an exam to collect forensic evidence upon request.  If a forensic kit is obtained, they are obligated to notify law enforcement to come pick the kit up and transport it to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for analysis.  They are not required to disclose your identity or pursue legal charges.  The Hospital can be contacted by calling 931.598.5691 or by accessing the Emergency Room 24/7.

Your Options for How to Report a Sexual Assault

You can seek justice through two different processes: the University Disciplinary Process and/or the Legal System. You may pursue both at the same time, or one and not the other.  It is completely up to you.

University Disciplinary Process
  • Electronically:
    • Reporting Form online: Electronic submissions are sent to the Dean of Students Office and copied to the Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Sylvia Gray (931.598.1420, Woods Lab 138, or  You can access the form by clicking the "Reporting Form" link.
    • LiveSafe: LiveSafe is a mobile safety app for the University's community; it empowers students, University employees, and campus visitors to take charge of their own safety and to look out for those around them with confidential and anonymous reporting capabilities.  Please click the LiveSafe link for more information.
  • In person:
    • Deans of Student's office at 931.598.1229 or, after hours, 931.598.1111 to report an incident and to learn more about school disciplinary options. You can also contact any other Faculty or Staff member or Residence Life Staff Member.
Legal Process

You can contact the Sewanee Police at 931.598.1111 to report an incident or to learn your legal options.  You can also contact the Franklin County Sheriff's Department at 931.962.0123, or the Sexual Assault and Family Violence Services at 800.346.5032.

Other Important Numbers for your Reference
  • Haven of Hope (advocacy) 800.435.7739
  • RAINN (advocacy) 800.656.4673
  • Sexual Assault Center in Nashville (crisis line) 800.879.1999
  • Dean on call 931.598.1000
  • Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Sylvia Gray 931.598.1420, Woods Lab 138, or