Click here for your patient portal

What can I do with the Portal?

University Health Service will communicate your lab results through the portal.  You can also schedule certain types of appointments with UHS, or send a message to request a CAPS appointment.  You can also fill out important required forms electronically.  

Please be aware that if a certain type of appointment isn't available to schedule through the portal, you will need to call the Wellness Center.  We purposely do not allow some types of appointments to be web booked as they require different materials or will take longer than a standard appointment.  If you do not see what you seek, please do not book under a random reason instead; students who do so may be asked to reschedule their appointment for a later time.

How do I use the Portal?

We have two formats to help you learn how to use the portal.  You can either watch a short video at our Video Library, or download our Powerpoint Presentation on How to Use your Sewanee Student Patient Portal.  

Students log in to the Portal using the Banner username, password, and ID number; for example, if your email address is, your username would be testp0, your password would be the password you use to access Banner, and your ID number your student number that begins with B00.

I saw something in the video or powerpoint that I don't see in my actual Portal—is there an error with my Portal?

We are constantly updating the parameters of the portal to better serve student needs.  If you saw a feature in the instructional video/ppt that is not available in your portal, then it means we have disabled that option.  Additionally, the options available through our portal evolve with each update, so you may have access to features not shown in those guides. 

The Portal isn't working.

The portal may not be working for the following reasons:

  • Some of the portal features, such as scheduling, are not available outside of the Advent and Easter semesters.  During interim or summer times, you will not be able to use certain portions of the portal.
  • You have entered the wrong information.  Common errors include putting the portion of your username in, entering the wrong password, or forgetting to put in B00 for the ID number.
  • Your browser is causing issues.  Some browsers are less compatible with the patient portal; it is recommended that you use Google Chrome if possible.  If you are still unable to log in, try opening a new tab, opening a new browser window, or cleaning your browser data.
  • If you have tried the above solutions and you are still not able to access your portal, please contact  The Helpdesk may ask to see your computer to determine your settings, as these can sometimes prevent access to the portal.  Helpdesk staff members do not have access to your private patient information.  It is important to get the error resolved as the Wellness Center uses the portal to communicate with you in a secure and confidential manner.
Who can access my Portal?

Because the portal relies on Banner information, anyone with access to your username, password, and ID number can open your particular portal.  Because of this, please be aware that sharing your Banner information with parents or friends is not recommended unless you want them to be able to access your portal as well.   If using the portal on a public computer, make sure to log off before you leave so that the next student does not accidentally use your account.

guidelines to schedule an appointment at the Wellness Center.  

You can schedule an appointment three different ways:
Call the Wellness Center at 931.598.1270

Please choose the appropriate menu option for the department you need.  Our number leads to a phone menu and you will need to select an option in order to speak with a support staff member.  If the staff member is unavailable, please make sure that you leave a phone message so that we may return your call.  The support staff member may ask you a few questions to help schedule your appointment, such as: What is your class schedule like?  What kind of medical concern do you have?  Do you have a preference for provider?  What is your contact information?

Request an appointment time through your Patient Portal.

Please note that you can schedule certain types of Health appointments or request to be scheduled for a CAPS appointment through the portal 24/7.  If the type of appointment that you need is unavailable through the portal, you will need to call instead.  You cannot schedule Health Service appointments via email and you cannot schedule any appointment at the Wellness Center by directly messaging or emailing a provider or clinician.  Please note that there is a lag time when this method is used.  If you need to make an urgent appointment, please do not use this method and call the Center instead.

Make an appointment in person

You are welcome to walk into the Center to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members face-to-face.  Please be aware that this method is to schedule an appointment at a later time in the day or week.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

For Health Service, appointments can typically be scheduled same day, but may not be scheduled until 1 or 2 business days later, depending on availability.  It is strongly recommended that you call or check the portal for an open appointment early.  

For CAPS, please keep in mind that therapy sessions are time-intensive and usually last an hour.  Because of that, you will not be able to schedule a regular appointment for the same day you call; regular sessions are often scheduled a week or more in advance.  However, if you need to contact CAPS for a crisis situation, please see our Crisis Services page for information.

For SAS, students should expect to be scheduled within 1 business week.

I've tried calling and no one at the Wellness Center returns my call!

Calling the Wellness Center will lead you to a voice menu that will prompt you to choose the corresponding number for the department you're trying to reach.  If after selecting the appropriate department you are directed to voice mail during business hours, that means we are assisting another patient.  Please make sure you leave a message!  Our Center phones do not show a call history like cell phones do.  If you call and do not get a staff member, please leave a message; if you don't, there's no way for us to call you back.

When leaving a message, please be sure to clearly state your full name and your cell phone number.  Please remember that cell service on campus isn't great; if you're in your dorm when you call, we may not be able to understand your message.

If you call after hours or on the weekend, a staff member will not be able to return your call until the next business day.

The type of appointment I want to schedule is not available through the patient portal.

If the type of appointment you'd like to schedule is not available, you will need to call the Center and schedule the appointment by phone.  Please be aware that we require this to ensure that you are scheduled for the appropriate amount of time for your concern.  If you cannot find an illness or concern that matches your need, do not schedule using a different or false reason.  Scheduling an appointment under a false code or scheduling one appointment for multiple concerns can result in compromising our ability to care for you and the student scheduled immediately after you; because of this, if you do not follow the portal guidelines, we may require you to reschedule your appointment for a later time.  

Health Service Medical appointments:
I just arrived for my appointment, what do I do?

Students coming to University Health Service (UHS) for an appointment will be asked to sign-in.  This is to help us make sure that every student is seen.  You will also be asked to complete some forms.  For every appointment, you will fill out an Intake form; this allows our providers to know what your current medications are, what your current symptoms are, and if there's been any change between appointments.  If it is your first visit to UHS for the current academic year, you'll be asked to read and sign a Treatment Agreement form; if it is your first visit to the UWC for the current academic year, you'll be asked to read and sign a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) form as well.  

What if I'm coming in for a follow-up and have filled out the Intake form before?

Please fill it out again.  You may end up filling it out several times over the year, but we ask you to do so each time so that we can obtain information about your concern—specifically how much better or worse the concern has gottenconfidentially.  Having to discuss your concern at the front window with a staff member in the waiting room may be embarrassing and can be overheard by other students; this way you can effectively and quietly communicate to our staff.

What do I do once I've filled out the forms?

Please return your tablet or paper documents to a staff member at the front desk.  You may be asked for your insurance card; if not, please have a seat.  A medical assistant or nurse will be with you shortly.

Do I need to bring my insurance card/information?

It's best if you have that information available.  Every student should have submitted a copy of their insurance card at the beginning of the year.  However sometimes the copy on file is illegible, or you may have changed insurance companies.  If you don't have access to the card itself, you can also bring us a copy of your card; you can also ask your parents for the information on the card before your appointment so that you have it readily available.  If you do not bring the card or card information with you, you visit may be incorrectly filed, which might result in an incorrect bill issued to your parents.

Do I need to bring anything else?

If you need a refill of your medication, please be sure to bring your medication bottle with you.  This way your provider will know what type and dosage you're taking, even if you aren't sure.

How long will I have to wait?

Our staff do their best to start your appointment within a reasonable amount of time.  Unfortunately, sometimes emergencies happen or other students are late to their appointments, causing a backlog.  Both of these situations may affect wait time.   Please try to come to your appointments a little early to fill out any necessary paperwork; this will help prevent longer wait times for other students.  If an emergency happens that delays our staff, we will let you know and ask if you would like to reschedule for a later time.

I just need a quick appointment, though—can't I just get looked at really quickly?

Our Health staff is not permitted and is unable to diagnose over the phone or provide prescriptions without seeing a student.  For your best health and safety, our staff need to be able to talk to you about your symptoms, take your vitals, run tests if necessary, discuss how to take any medication they might prescribe and go over their recommendations to help address your concern once you leave our service.  Because these actions take time, we require you to schedule an appointment.

Who will I see once I'm called back?

A nurse or a medical assistant will take you into an exam room and ask a few questions.  If you're there for a flu shot or other immunization, they will administer it.  They will also take your vitals: your blood pressure, pulse, etc.  Some concerns can be addressed by our nursing staff; most require you to see our nurse practitioners, and they will be with you shortly after the nurse/medical assistant finishes. 

My appointment is finished, what do I do?

Your provider may ask you to return in a few days for a follow-up appointment.  Please stop by our front desk on your way out and schedule that appointment with our Patient Care Coordinator.  If you'd like to pay the co-pay for your visit with cash, credit card, or charge it to your student account, you'll need to stop by the front desk as well.  Otherwise, you're free to leave.

What is a co-pay?

Insurance companies cover many medical expenses, but require you to pay a fixed amount each time a medical service is accessed.  Your insurance company determines this price.

Can you tell me how much my visit will cost?

Unfortunately, this information depends on your insurance coverage and may be different if our office is not part of their network.  We will charge the cost of your visit to your insurance first; a bill will be issued for any remaining balance they don't cover.

What if I don't want to use cash or credit card?

Then the charge will be applied to your student account.  Charges to your account show up under vague codes, such as "COPAY," to indicate that the charge came from the Wellness Center.  With the exception of flu shots, your student account will not list the reason you came to Health Service. 

I was given a prescription/medication.  What do I do/how do I pay?

If you were given a prescription, please check out our page on how to get your prescription filled.

If you were given a medication, you can either pay for it with cash or credit card or you can have it charged to your student account.

CAPS Counseling appointments:
I just arrived for my appointment, what do I do?

Students coming to CAPS for an appointment do not need to sign-in.  However, please stop by the window so that the support staff know that you have arrived.

All students who make appointments in advance will be sent a confirmation email with our paperwork attached to it.  If you have not already submitted that paperwork, you will be asked to fill it out upon your arrival.  You may be asked to fill out additional forms, such as a schedule indication form or pages that may have been returned to the office incomplete.

Please note that the paperwork can take some time.  If you have not completed it by the time of your appointment, you will have to spend some of your session time to do so.  Because of this, please arrive early, if you can, so that you may make use of the full time with the therapist.

Once I've filled out the forms, what do I do?

Return them to the support staff and please have a seat.  The clinician you are scheduled to meet with will be with you shortly.

I've never been to this office before, what can I expect?

Your first session, called an assessment or a triage, is designed to let a professional refer you to the service that best meets your needs.  This initial session will allow our Case Manager a chance to understand what you're going through, what challenges you're facing, and help set you up with most appropriate referral: group therapy, individual therapy, medication management, or referral to an outside provider.  Based on the service recommended, the Case Manager will work with you to set up the next step.  

Some students are nervous about their first session; all CAPS staff understand that this may be new to you and will provide a supportive and nonjudgmental environment.

How long are sessions?

We schedule our appointments in hour blocks; therapy sessions typically last 45 - 50 minutes, though some sessions may be shorter.  We understand that many students have class to go to immediately after session.

How do I schedule a follow-up?

Most times, the clinician or Case Manager will schedule a follow-up time during your session or ask you to check in with the Office Manager before leaving.  In some situations a student will be contacted at a later time to discuss when to come in again.

My appointment is finished, what do I do?

Once your session has concluded and your follow-up time confirmed, you are free to leave.  There is currently no charge for CAPS services, so you do not need to pay a co-pay at this time.

CAPS Psychiatry appointments:
I just arrived for my appointment, what do I do?

Students coming to CAPS for a psychiatry appointment do not need to sign-in.  However, please stop by the window so that the support staff know that you have arrived.  Some patients will be asked to complete additional forms—these are short and rarely take more than a minute to complete.

Once I've filled out the forms, what do I do?

Return them to the support staff and please have a seat.  The psychiatrist staff member you are scheduled to meet with will be with you shortly.

Do I need to bring anything else?

If you need a refill of your medication, please be sure to bring your medication bottle with you.  This way your provider will know what type and dosage you're taking, even if you aren't sure.

I've never been to a psychiatrist before, what can I expect?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in mental health treatments.  Your psychiatry staff member is working together with your mental health clinician to support your treatment and will discuss medication options.  If you have concerns about medication, feel like your current prescription is not working, want to start a new or different medication, or want to know about alternative options, this time is available for you to discuss it with a professional. If you are prescribed a medication by the psychiatrist, you will be asked to complete a consent form stating that you have read and agree to our treatment policies. 

Some students will need to have their blood pressure monitored due to the side-effects of some medications.  

How long are psychiatry sessions?

Most psychiatry appointments are scheduled for an hour for the first visit and 30 minutes for follow-ups; some may require more time.  It is very important that you arrive to your appointment on time because of these limitations.

My appointment is finished, what do I do?

Please stop by the front desk to schedule your follow-up appointment.  There is currently no charge for CAPS services, so you do not need to pay a co-pay at this time.  For more information on how to fill your prescriptions, please see our pharmacy information page.  The Wellness Center does not have psychiatric medications available on site.

General Information:
What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please contact the University Wellness Center at 931.598.1270 as soon as you know!  Support staff can assist you in rescheduling if necessary.  If you do not cancel in a timely manner or do not show up for your appointment, your student account will be charged a penalty fee.

Will you call my parents about my appointment?

No—unless you sign a release form allowing us to speak with your parents or another party, we are not able to divulge any information about your appointment.  Without a release, we cannot give your parents your test results, discuss your appointments or the purpose of your visit, or even discuss your attendance.  If you do sign a release, we only discuss the information you allow.  We do not allow parents to schedule appointments or request refills, nor do we send them reminders of appointment times, regardless of signed consent.

What about professors and coaches? Will you write an excuse for missing class?

No.  It is your responsibility to uphold the Honor Code and inform your professors or coaches when you have to miss class or practice due to illness or an appointment.  The Wellness Center does not provide written excuses.