New Student Requirements

All students at Sewanee are required to meet certain public health standards — for your protection, the protection of your classmates, and of the Sewanee campus community. These requirements are due before your arrival on campus. This page is designed to help you meet each of those health prerequisites in a timely manner and to answer some questions you might have. Please be aware that this information is for incoming undergraduate students only. If you are an incoming graduate student, please see our Graduate Student Information page for your requirements.

Why Does the Wellness Center Need this Information?

The Wellness Center's mission is to promote and enhance the health and well-being of Sewanee students, including providing medical and behavioral assistance as needed. Your completion of the Health Form will allow us to provide that appropriate care. The Health Form will also verify that you have received the necessary immunizations and that you have provided health information required by State and Federal law. The Health Form is confidential and is only accessed by the Wellness Center (Counseling and Psychological Service; Student Accessibility Services; University Health Service) and the Athletic Department, if you are playing a sport.

How Do I Submit My Health Form?
  1. Log in to the Applicant Status Page to access your Enrollment Checklist.
  2. Follow the link on the Portal to download and print out the required new student forms.
  3. Contact your primary health care provider to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
  4. Take your printed forms with you to your appointment so that your provider can complete the physical and provide immunization information and required signatures.
  5. Fax the signed and completed form by the deadline listed below. Our fax number is 931.598.1746. We have a back up fax at 931.598.1261.
  6. Check with your insurance provider and ask about their medical, prescription, and behavioral health coverage for Tennessee and the University Wellness Center.
  7. Check your updated Applicant Status Page. Please allow 10 business days before checking, as the Portal is not updated until a staff member is able to review the forms. If you are missing any components, we will contact you via your portal or email. Please be sure to check your account for these notices.
What are the Important Deadlines?
  • June 16, 2019: First-year undergraduate and first-year School of Theology students entering in Fall semester
  • December 1, 2019: Students entering in the Spring semester
What if I Don't Submit by the Deadline?

If you have not submitted all of the required information by the stated deadlines, your ability to receive your dorm key and move into your dorm will be significantly delayed.

Can I Get My Immunizations at the Wellness Center?

Students who are unable to receive the necessary immunizations in their home country or state are eligible to receive them here at the Wellness Center. If doing so, you must obtain these vaccinations during Freshman check-in on Saturday, Aug. 24.

Is There Anywhere Else Where I Can Get Immunizations?

Yes, the Franklin County Health Department in Winchester, Tennessee, can provide many of these vaccinations. Please see the Tennessee Local Health Departments website for contact information. You can also check with the local Health Departments in your state or county.