What is the Wellness Center?

The Wellness Center is the combined University Health Service (UHS), Counseling and Psychological Service (CAPS), Student Accessibility Services (SAS), and Wellness Outreach.  We offer medical and counseling assistance, assistance with student accessibility on campus, and health and wellness education and programming.

 When should I use the Wellness Center?

One of our goals at the Wellness Center is to provide care and service to our students while also preparing them for experiences they will encounter post-graduation.  Our counseling and medical services operate in a similar fashion to private practices in terms of appointments, insurance use, and prescriptions, but in a more limited scope.  Students are encouraged to contact the center for assistance when faced with a medical or psychological problem or need.  If the problem or need requires more resources than are available in our services, our professionals are able to refer students to specialized practices.

Students who are having an emergency should not contact the Wellness Center; instead, they should immediately contact 911 or go to the Emergency Room at the hospital in town.  For more information on emergency resources, please see our crisis page. All students in need of assistance for a disability or accessibility support should contact the Student Accessibility office.

How do I use Wellness Center services?

Wellness Center services are available for University undergraduate students and, in a limited capacity, School of the Theology students. The center can be found next to the hospital and across the street from the Sewanee Inn. Any student who wishes to use one of our services should call the Wellness Center or, for some types of appointments, use their patient portal to schedule a time; students are also welcome to schedule appointments in person.

How do I call the Wellness Center?

To contact the Wellness Center, please call x1270 (from off campus the full number is 931.598.1270) and follow the prompts.  Please note that we have a phone menu and an option needs to be selected in order to speak with a support staff member.

There are some important tips to be aware of when calling!
  • No one answered my call:
    Wellness staff members are available weekdays (please see our main page for operating hours).  We are unable to take calls outside of these hours or on weekends.  There are also some times when we are assisting patients in the Wellness Center or are on the phone with another student.  If you are unable to reach a staff member, please leave a message.
  • I called but no one called me back:
    • Wellness staff members will always make an effort to call students back in a timely manner.  To make sure we are able to return your call, please do the following:
    • Leave a message.  Our department phones are not like cell phones where we can see your number on a missed call register. 
    •  Make sure to include your full name and your cell phone number.  Without this information, it may be difficult to return your call.
    • Be aware of cell phone issues.  It helps to speak clearly and slowly when leaving information; however, cell service on campus can be inconsistent and sometimes your call is dropped in the middle of a message.  
    • I tried calling the Wellness Center but the call keeps dropping.
    • Cell service isn't the greatest in residence halls.  If you call on your cell phone from your residence hall, a Wellness staff member may ask you to relocate to a different area in order to hear you.  We understand that this can be inconvenient.  If your cell service is prohibiting your ability to speak with a staff member, please try using the landline in your room.
  • I saw that the Center tried to contact me, but they didn't leave a message:
    Wellness Center staff members will always try to leave a message if they attempt to call you.  Many students forget to set up their voice mail inboxes or let their mailboxes get too full to leave a message.  If you see that one of our staff members has attempted to contact you and did not leave a message, please check the status of your voice mail inbox.  Staff members will not call repeatedly, so students without voice mail capabilities are encouraged to contact the Center if they have not heard back from a staff member within a business day.
Do I need an appointment?

Please call 931.598.1270 or visit your patient portal to schedule an appointment if you are in need of routine service, such as regular counseling, a meeting with the Accessibility Director, a meeting with the Wellness Coordinator, or to see a Nurse Practitioner for prescriptions. Some emergency appointments can be scheduled on a same day or walk-in basis, though.  Please see our Crisis Services page for information on what kind of situations can be seen without a prior appointment.

How quickly can I be seen?

For Health Service: students who contact Health Service to schedule an appointment can generally expect to be seen by a professional within two business days.  

For CAPS regular therapy: students are scheduled for initial assessment appointments typically within one week.  During high volume times, especially around exams, assessment appointments may be scheduled within a two-week range.  Crises are not considered regular sessions and are not subject to these timelines. 

For CAPS psychiatry: psychiatry staff are onsite on a limited basis and are not available for appointments at the Wellness Center outside of their scheduled dates.  Because of these restrictions, it may take students who meet eligibility requirements for psychiatry services two weeks or more to be seen. 

There are some important tips to be aware of when scheduling an appointment:
  • Have your schedule ready when making an appointment.  The Wellness Staff will need to match an opening in our schedule with an opening in your schedule; knowing your weekly classes and activities will help.
  • Please be aware that the more limited schedule you have, the more difficult it may be to accommodate.  You may be able to schedule an appointment more quickly if you present more options, such as early mornings or between classes.  Please note that we do understand how busy Sewanee students are and the Wellness Center does not condone skipping classes.  Our staff members are happy to discuss your schedule in order to find an appointment that works for you.
  • Contact us before you run out of medication!  If you are in need of a refill, please do not wait until the last day to schedule an appointment.  Especially in the case of psychiatric medications, there may be a waiting period before you can be seen and our staff cannot simply call in prescriptions in most cases.
Do I need insurance?

You do need insurance for Health Service and all other private facilities in the Sewanee area; it charges for your medical appointments the same as if you were visiting your private practice doctor at home.  It is strongly recommended that all students have adequate coverage.  If you do not have health insurance or have been dropped from your coverage, please contact our office regarding self-pay options.  Students or parents with questions regarding the use of insurance may contact Kim Bradford, the office and insurance coordinator, at 931.598.1270.

Currently you do not need insurance for CAPS' visits.  
What kind of insurance does the Wellness Center take?
University Health Service contracts with the following insurance companies:
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Beechstreet
  • Bluegrass
  • Center Care
  • Cigna
  • Coventry
  • GEHA
  • Pomco
  • Signature Health
  • Tricare South
  • United Healthcare

Please note that there are various plans under each of these companies and that not all plans are equal.  It is strongly recommended that you check with your insurance carrier to see if our student health service in Tennessee is considered "in network" before you arrive on campus.

Can the Wellness Center give me a class excuse?

No.  The Wellness Center does not provide class excuses.  It is your responsibility to uphold the Honor Code and inform your professors or coaches when you have to miss class or practice due to illness or an appointment.  According to the class attendance policy, students are "expected to attend every scheduled meeting of a class, including laboratories and other required meetings.  Any student who fails to attend a class has the absolute obligation of communication with the instructor prior to the missed class (or, in unusual cases, within 24 hours of having missed the class)."

Does the Wellness Center have a cancellation policy?

Please contact the Wellness Center before your appointment in order to cancel.  This allows another student to use that time.  You can cancel by calling x1270—if it is after hours, please leave a message.  CAPS requires you to cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment; UHS requires you to cancel two hours prior.

Students who do not cancel their appointments in a timely fashion or do not show to an appointment will be charged a No Show fee.  For CAPS and UHS appointments, this fee is $25; a $50 fee will be applied for missed Psychiatry appointments.  For more information about these fees, please call the Wellness Center or refer to our Treatment Policies and Agreement forms. 

Will the Wellness Center talk to my parents?

For students 18 years old or older, with some limitations for certain situations involving imminent threat, communication with a therapist or a provider is confidential.  Unless a student gives the Wellness Center documented consent, we cannot discuss details involving their use of our services with parents.  This confidentiality includes, but is not limited to, things such as test results, private discussions with therapists or providers, reasons for charges, or even attendance for appointments.  Students must initiate the consent process and request a release form.

If your parent contacts us looking for information, we can speak in general policy terms and receive information from them, but we may not discuss specifics without your permission.

Where do I find more information on appointments, accommodations, prescriptions, etc?
Please check our home page for links to various individual sections for more on:
  • Therapy appointments and CAPS policies.
  • Medical services available at UHS.
  • Details about appointments and how to make them.
  • And more general information.