Augusta Spessard

Augusta Spessard is from Forsyth County, GA. She is a rising sophomore at Sewanee: The University of the South and is interested in American Studies and Art, with hopes of becoming a teacher down the road. In her first year at Sewanee, she fell in love with this mountain, not only for its alluring natural beauty, but because of the people who make up this place. Augusta is thrilled to connect with the broader Sewanee community this summer and wants to continue to meet and serve alongside the people who make this place so special. In her free time, Augusta enjoys reading, running, hiking, and drawing.

Bryn Lafrenz

Bryn Lafrenz is a rising senior at Sewanee: The University of the South majoring in Environmental Arts and Humanities. In other words, she is interested in people's relationship to the environment -- especially our closest daily connection: food. Bryn is excited for the opportunity to serve my community through food security support and education.

Emily Senefeld

Emily Senefeld is an alumna of Sewanee: The University of the South and the University of Virginia. This is her fifth time serving with the South Cumberland Plateau VISTA Program. She previously served as a Summer Associate on historical projects related to the histories of the Lone Rock Stockade, Coalmont Cemetery, and the South Cumberland State Park. She also completed a full-term VISTA year as Outreach Coordinator for the Grundy Safe Communities Coalition, specializing in opioid overdose prevention.

Grace Pettis

Grace Pettis is from Monroe, LA. She is a rising junior on the premedical track at Sewanee: The University of the South. At Sewanee, Grace is a cheerleader, a member of Sewanee Health Professions Society, on the recruitment team for her sorority, Kappa Delta, and a mentor for the Finding Your Place freshman program. She is passionate about mental health and medicine and wants to be a psychiatrist after medical school. In her free time, she likes to be creative through writing, sketching, painting, and reading, as well as enjoys being outdoors in Sewanee's beautiful Domain. Grace wants to be a Summer Associate to help make a positive impact in a rural community close to her heart.

Josh Bryant

Josh Bryant is a rising senior that is attending Sewanee: The University Of The South. He is an art major who specializes in portrait drawing , but also wants to specialize in other things as well.  A fun fact about Josh is that he has really neat handwriting - his favorite thing is to write in cursive.

Julia McClain

Julia McClain is from Troutman, NC. She is a rising sophomore at Sewanee: The University of the South. She is majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Spanish and Business. She is a Bonner Leader who helps with media development and educational programs at organizations and non-profits in and around Sewanee. Julia is looking forward to continuing to learn about the South Cumberland Plateau and contributing to local change-making missions this summer through AmeriCorps VISTA. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and sewing.

Juliane Purves

Juliane Purves is from Charleston, SC. She is a rising junior at Sewanee: The University of the South and is double majoring in Russian and Philosophy. She is excited to be a Summer Associate so that she can continue to serve people and do community work. Her hobbies include painting, animal care, and video games.

Katy Mae Elder

Katy Mae Elder is from Locust Grove, Georgia, and is currently a rising junior at The University of the South. She plans to graduate with double majors in Environmental Studies & Sustainability and Music Performance. Katy Mae is an avid singer and is usually heard before she is seen. She is uncertain of what the future holds for her but knows that it will involve service. She considers herself a servant leader and seeks to lead by example. She is excited to grow as a Summer VISTA Associate and is excited to support the community that means so much to her.

Lyberti Bradley

Lyberti Bradley is  from Brewton, AL . She attends Sewanee: The University of South and is majoring in Neuroscience. Lyberti chose to volunteer for VISTA because she understands how vital these services are to the community and wants to be a part of the positive experiences and impact that they spread.

Maryam Sibley

Maryam Sibley is  from Thomasville, Georgia. She is a rising junior at Sewanee: The University of the South, majoring in Psychology! With her interest in psychology and years of mission work in high school, she has found a passion for giving back to the communities around her.  Maryam’s  hobbies include dance, music, art, and the outdoors.

Sarah Paredes

Sarah Paredes is  from Lexington, VA and is a rising junior at Sewanee: The University of The South. She is pursuing a major in Biology on the integrative track and a minor in Italian Studies. After graduation she plans on attending optometry school. Sarah is grateful to be able to work with AmeriCorps VISTA this summer because she is passionate about community outreach, hunger prevention, and sustainable farming. She is also excited to meet new friends. In her free time, Sarah’s hobbies include: traveling, painting, and spending time outdoors with friends.

Sophia Patterson

Sophia Patterson is from Sewanee, Tennessee. She attends Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, where she studies Anthropology and French. She has studied in France and Senegal, and she hopes to conduct research abroad post-graduation. She served as a Summer Associate VISTA in 2020 working at the Lone Rock Stockade archaeology project in Tracy City.  She is excited to work as a Summer Associate again and to keep contributing to the community surrounding Sewanee. In her free time, Sophia likes reading, hiking, and playing with her four cats.

Thad Warren

Thad Warren was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. He currently goes to Sewanee: The University of the South  as an International and Global Studies major. Having grown up in a rural community throughout his life, he wishes to give back to the communities that provide so much for him. He sees VISTA as an opportunity to connect with and help out people in his surrounding area. In his spare time, Thad is interested in dancing, rugby, working out, and reading.