It’s time to celebrate your class and to cherish the friendships and memories that have stood the test of time. We want to treat your reunion like the special occasion it is, giving you full access to the campus with a broad range of activities that will allow you to reminisce, reconnect, and relish all that spring in Sewanee has to offer.  Your reunion only happens once every five years. You may be wondering why we moved Reunions to June.

We know fall is also a beautiful time to be in Sewanee, and the good news is that we will still have Homecoming every fall.  Holding both Reunions and Homecoming on the same weekend was something we had outgrown.  We have more alumni than ever before, we have more class reunions (55th and 60th reunions) because people are living longer, and we have fewer places on campus to accommodate all of the events we have—not to mention additional things we aren’t able to offer because of the large numbers of people and events already happening.  But more importantly, space aside, we want to be able to focus and offer the most memorable and special class reunion we can, without the distractions that come with planning Homecoming events as well.

A lot of thought and research was put in to the decision and we had a great response from our first June reunion last year.

We have had great responses from many who have heard about the date and are excited to begin a new tradition.  There are so many things to love about having your reunion in the spring.

  • It’s one more reason to visit the Mountain!
  • There will be easier access to accommodations, including dorm availability right on campus
  • Fewer competing events
  • More time to be together as a class
  • No threat of cold weather and fog and the spring is phenomenal in Sewanee
  • More educational opportunities from alumni and senior faculty
  • Lots of outdoor hiking, biking, and tours
  • Reunion activities for kids
  • Downtown Angel Park concerts

We will be able to have students join us for panels, and professors will offer custom classes for you.  Plus, your favorite retired professors will be around and ready to spend quality time with you. 

  • Y’all knocked it out of the park.
  • It was a pleasant surprise to spend time with classmates that I have not historically bonded with in the past. There is no doubt I left the Mountain having made NEW friends along with rekindling historic relationships.
  • A very enjoyable and well-organized weekend.
  • Well-planned; plenty to do without the frenetic pace of Homecoming.
  • I was very pleased with the whole experience.
  • Such a great time! Thank you to everyone at Sewanee for really going above and beyond!
  • The Friday night dinner was wonderful, but the fireworks hit it out of the park!!
  • I almost didn't attend because I was unsure about the June date.  I'm SO GLAD I did.  It was so much better in a way I could not have anticipated.
  • I was surprised to have so many things to do, and also have a less hectic schedule.
  • What a great way to enjoy Sewanee. I  hadn't been back during the spring time since graduation (35 years ago!)
  • I can't wait for the next one, but I will probably come to Homecoming in the fall, too!