Current international students and US citizens who have lived abroad want to connect with you! No matter where you're from, our students are ready to answer your questions about living and studying at Sewanee as an international student.

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These students are excited to connect with you about their Sewanee experience! While email is your first point of contact, many of these students are delighted to connect with you over email, Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. When you email them, let them know the ways you would like to connect. Happy chatting! Any questions about your application, decision, scholarship, etc. should be directed to the International Enrollment Coordinator. Please be aware that our students are enjoying a much needed break during the summer of 2021. They are not responding to emails during this time.

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Seif Selim Aldalil, C'23 | Cairo, Egypt

Seif is from Cairo, Egypt. He plans to major in Neuroscience and Psychology and minor in Film Studies. Seif is a member of OCCU, Interfaith Advisory Council, and Sewanee MSA. In addition, he is an assistant at the Psychology Department. He loves the strong sense of community and hospitality at Sewanee. Seif is interested in undergraduate research opportunities. In addition to English, Seif is fluent in Arabic.

Rehan Ali, C'24 | Lahore, Pakistan

Rehan is from Lahore, Pakistan. He intends to major in Environment and Sustainability and minor in Mathematics. Rehan is a Bonner Leader and takes an active part in the Office of Civic Engagement. He likes to be involved in outdoors activities. In addition to English, Rehan is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi.

Saverio Annunziata, C'24 | Naples, Italy

Saverio is from Naples, Italy. He is majoring in Finance and minoring in Business administration. Saverio is a Carey Fellow, member of the GVC industrial sector, and participates in many other activities. He is into any kind of sport, from wrestling to climbing. Saverio speaks English, Italian, and Napoletano.

Dheer Avashia, C'23 | Ahmedabad, India

Dheer is from Ahmedabad, India. He plans to major in Economics and Psychology with a minor in mathematics. Dheer is a member of the Greens View Investment Club, OCCU, and Interfaith Advisory Council. In addition, he manages the digital marketing efforts for the Wellness Center. Dheer chose Sewanee because of the opportunity to explore its beautiful campus and to engage with the diverse community. In addition to English, Dheer is fluent in Hindi and Gujarati.

Sambhav Bansal, C'23 | Chandigarh, India

Sambhav is from Chandigarh, India. He is a finance and psychology double major, with a business minor. He is a member of the Order of the Gown, and loves to wear his gown to class. He is the VP & treasurer for both OCCU and SAO. He is also the treasurer for GVC, while being an interfaith intern with the Office of Civic Engagement. He is an active member of Sewanee Needs and the Sewanee Purple. He loves to hang out on the beautiful campus with friends and family in his free time. In addition to English, Sambhav is fluent in Hindi and Punjabi.

Alejandro Becker, C'20 | Mexico City, Mexico

Alejandro is from Mexico City, Mexico. He plans to major in natural resources and minor in business. He is a member of the men’s tennis team and loves all that the Sewanee community has to offer. In addition to English, Alejandro is fluent in Spanish and Hebrew.

Darja Beinenson, C'21 | Tallinn, Estonia

Darja is from Tallinn, Estonia. She is a psychology major and a French minor. Darja is a tour guide, works at the Cup & Gown, and is very proud of being involved in multiple organizations that promote well-being on campus. In additional to English, Darja is fluent in Russian, Estonian, and French.

Lucas Carvalho, C'22 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lucas Martins is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is pursuing a double major in International and Global Studies and in Politics. Lucas has always been fascinated about social issues, education, and youth empowerment. In the future, Lucas plans to work with development in the Latin American region. At Sewanee, he is involved with the Organization for Cross Cultural Understanding (OCCU) and the Cambiata acapella group. In addition to English, Lucas is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Elvin Chiciudean, C'23 | Brasov, Romania

Elvin is from Brasov, Romania. He is planning to major in Psychology and minor in Business, and hopes to pursue entrepreneurship after college. He enjoys playing guitar, hiking, and attending social events on campus, and is a member of the CRU. In additional to English, Elvin is fluent in Romanian and French.

Faith Daisy, C'24 | Morne Rachette, Dominica

Faith is from Morne Rachette, Commonwealth Dominica. She is majoring in International and Global Studies with a minor in Economics. Faith is a member of the OCCU, an organization geared toward international students, and ACASA. 

Roberto Ferrey, C'24 | Managua, Nicaragua

Roberto is from Managua, Nicaragua. He intends to major in Finance and minor in Business. Roberto is interested in learning more about business administration and marketing. He likes watching movies, helping people, hanging out with his friends. In addition to English, he is fluent in Spanish.

Máté Garai, C'24 | Budapest, Hungary

Máté is from Budapest, Hungary. He would like to major in Physics with a potential second major in Mathematics. Máté is a member of the OCCU and the Sewanee Purple. Along with physics, he is also interested in theater and photography. He is doing his work-study in the Cup & Gown café. In addition to English, Máté is fluent in Hungarian.

Yuliia Humeniuk, C'24 | Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Yulia is from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. She was a finalist of Ukraine Global Scholars. She plans to major in Chemistry. Some of her other interests are clinical volunteering, playing the guitar and learning foreign languages. In addition to English, she is also fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and French.

Ahmad Ijaz, C'24 | Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan

Ahmad is from Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. He is dual majoring in Computer Science and Economics and minoring in Business. Ahmad is a 2020 Fall Dialogue Ambassador and is involved with the Office of Civic Engagement and the Dialogue Across Difference programs. He loves to play soccer and explore the nature at Sewanee through the Sewanee Outing Program. In addition to English, he is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi and Saraiki and is also learning French and Arabic.

Iyassu Kebede, C'22 | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Iyassu is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He plans to major in Psychology and minor in business and economics. Iyassu is a member of Sewanee crew team, a Bonner Leader, a student trustee, and involved with Greek life. In addition to English, Iyassu is fluent in Amharic.

Channita Keuk, C'24 | Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Nita is from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and plans to major in Chemistry and minor in Biochemistry and Business. Nita is a member of Sewanee Active Minds, SMHS, SHPS, OCCU, and SAO and works in the chemistry prep room as a lab assistant. In addition to English, Nita is fluent in Khmer.

Shehryar Khan, C'24 | Lahore, Pakistan

Shehryar is from Lahore, Pakistan. He plans to major in Computer Science and History, with a minor in Physics. Shehryar is currently studying remotely for the fall semester. He is involved in numerous activities on and off campus. Currently, he is a Campus Activities Student Assistant, part of a Friendship Family with Dr James Peters and Cheri Peters, and a Tiger Pod member. Shehryar loves to make short films and podcasts as a hobby. In addition to English, he is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi, and introductory Chinese.

Tuyen Le, C'24 | Tay Ninh, Vietnam

Tuyen is from Tay Ninh, Vietnam. She is majoring in Environment and Psychology. Tuyen is a member of Bonner Leaders Program, Office of Civic Engagemnet. She loves reading books in the library and the robust outdoor life Sewanee has to offer. In addition to English, Tuyen is fluent in Vietnamese and Spanish.

Minju Lee, C'21 | Seoul, South Korea

Minju is from Seoul, South Korea. He is majoring in physics as part of a 3-2 engineering program. Minju is currently completing his final two years at Washington University in St. Louis on his 3-2 track. He will graduate from both Sewanee and WashU with two degrees. Minju will stay an additional year at WashU for a master's degree as well. During his time at Sewanee, Minju was the founder and president of Sewanee Cooking Club, a member of Sigma Phi Sigma (the National Physics Honor Society), member of the Track and Field team, and a Beecken Scholar--where he had the chance to study at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and won an entrepreneur award. In addition to English, Minju is fluent in Korean.

Jack Li, C'22 | Taiyuan, China

Jack is from Taiyuan, China. He plans to major in Computer Science. Minju is currently completing his final two years at Washington University in St. Louis on his 3-2 track. During his time at Sewanee, Jack was a member of the Computing Society, Game Club, Fencing, Asian House and the E-sports team. He loves everything about the University and the community. In addition to English, Jack is fluent in Chinese.

Shirley Li, C'21 | Beijing, China

Shirley is from Beijing, China. She is working on a double major in psychology and economics and a minor in business. Shirley was one of the Sustain Leaders for the 2019-2020 academic year. In addition to English, Shirley is also fluent in Chinese. Her WeChat is misu6q6

Steven Li, C'22 | Beijing, China

Steven Li is from Beijing, China. He is majoring in Molecular Biology and plans on minoring in Chemistry and is also on the pre-nursing track. Steven attends many of the social psychology experiments conducted by both staff and students. He is also currently researching in the urchin's behavioral lab run by Dr. Shelley to better understand the nervous system of urchins. He also loves making friends with people from all over the world. He believes that Sewanee is definitely a place that you can make a great number of lifelong connections. In addition to English, Steven is also fluent in Mandarin.

Madison Liu, C'23 | Kunming, China

Madison is from Kunming, China. She plans to major in Finance and minor in Chemistry and Dance. Madison is a member of the Green’s View Investment Club and Perpetual Motion. She loves the resources that Sewanee brings up to the Mountain and also the resources, such as professors, on the Mountain already. In addition to English, Madison is fluent in Mandarin.

Bob Makazhu, C'24 | Harare, Zimbabwe

Bob is from Harare, Zimbabwe. He plans to major in Computer Science and Mathematics on a 4-2 Engineering track. Bob is a Bonner Leader, an active member of OCCU, CRU, Office of Civic Engagement, and many other organizations. He loves playing musical instruments, outdoor events, and attending leadership development programs. In addition to English, Bob is fluent in Shona.

Chris Ni, C'23 | Nanjing, China

Chris is from Nanjing, China. He is planning to major in Psychology and minor in Education. Chris is one of the Bonner Leaders and enjoys the many civic engagement opportunities on campus. He especially enjoys the tight relationships with professors. In addition to English, Chris is fluent in Chinese.

Ezechias Nshimiyimana, C'21 | Kigali, Rwanda

Ezechias is from Rutsiro, Rwanda. He is a senior double majoring in Economics and Politics.  Ezechias serves on the student government association (SGA) and is involved in other aspects of the university life. He loves playing soccer with students and faculty in his free time. In addition to English, Ezechias is fluent in Kinyarwanda, speaks advanced French, and is learning Spanish.

Juhoon Park, C'21 | Seoul, South Korea

Juhoon Park is originally from South Korea but spent most of his childhood in Indonesia. He intends to major in Mathematics and Psychology with minors in Computer Science and Education. Park is a Co-Director for Asian Language and Culture house and serves as one of the leaders for Campus Crusades. He enjoys meeting people in academic, sports, and daily life settings. In addition to English, Juhoon is fluent in Korean and Indonesian.

Scarlett Pham, C'22 | Hanoi, Vietnam

Scarlett is from Hanoi, Vietnam. She is majoring in economics and minoring in business and Asian studies. Scarlett is the president of the Organization for Cross-Cultural Understanding (OCCU), a Carey Fellow, a proctor of Smith Hall, an active member of Sewanee Asian Organization and Asian House. She enjoys swimming, traveling, playing video games, and attending events on campus. In addition to English, Scarlett is fluent in Vietnamese and knows "a tiny bit" of Chinese.

Dolly Prince, C'22 | London, England

Dolly is from London, England. She is a Mathematics major and Spanish and Economics minor, and enjoys Sewanee's close-knit community of students and professors. Dolly loves to get involved with campus activities such as attending the University Math Club and hosting her own radio show on WUTS. She is secretary of the Honor Council and vice president of the Women's Rugby team.

Anna Pusok, C’23 | Szigetvár, Hungary

Anna is from Szigetvar, Hungary. She's double-majoring in neuroscience and psychology and is also on the pre-nursing track. Anna is the vice president of the neuroscience club, secretary of the psychology club, and pre-nurse leader of the Sewanee Health Professions Society. This is her second year working at the Admissions Office. She is also a tour guide mentor this semester and writes for the Sewanee Purple. In addition to English, Anna speaks Hungarian and German.

Kristina Romanenkova, C'23 | Moscow, Russia

Kristina is from Moscow, Russia. She plans on majoring in Environmental Arts and Humanities with a French minor. Kristina is a Sustain Leader, a work study at the Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability, a resident of the Global Home, and a co-founder of the French club BlaBla Café. In addition to English, Kristina speaks Russian and French.

Mian Ahmad Shah, C'24 | Islamabad, Pakistan

Ahmad Shah is from Islamabad, Pakistan. He plans to major in Molecular Biology and minor in Computer Science and Business. Ahmad is involved in several organizations including OCCU, Interfaith Advisory Council, and Muslim Students Association. In the future, he plans to play tennis for the University. In addition to English, Ahmad is fluent in Urdu and Pashto.

Pratham Singhal, C'24 | Indore, India

Pratham is from Indore, India. He is double majoring in Economics and Politics. Pratham is a Next Genius scholar, an active member of OCCU, Interfaith Council, and the Green’s View Investment Club. He loves dancing and hiking the mountains of Sewanee. In addition to English, Pratham is fluent in Hindi and French.

Szonja Szurop, C'22 | Budapest, Hungary

Szonja is from Budapest, Hungary. She is majoring in Art History with an Italian and Film Studies minor. As a resident of the Fine Arts House and the work-study student of the University Art Gallery, she is happy to have found a community of art-lovers on campus. Szonja is fluent in Hungarian and Italian.

Mate Szurop, C'21 | Budapest, Hungary

Mate is from Budapest, Hungary. Mate is an Economics and Mathematics double major. He is vice president for the Organization for Cross-Cultural Understanding and is involved with the Math Club. Mate also tutors for economics and calculus, and takes advantage of the unique undergraduate research opportunities of Sewanee, as he plans on pursuing a graduate degree in Economics. In addition to English, Mate is fluent in Hungarian.

Mandy Moe Pwint Tu, C'21 | Yangon, Myanmar

Mandy is from Yangon, Myanmar. She is majoring in English, minoring in Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies, as well as pursuing a certificate in creative writing. During her time at Sewanee, Mandy served as the president of the Organization for Cross-Cultural Understanding (OCCU) for two years and now is the president of the Order of the Gown, Sewanee's academic honor society. In all of her work, she strives to be a voice for diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition to English, Mandy is fluent in Burmese and German.

Feza Anaise Umutoni, C'22 | Kigali, Rwanda

Feza is from Kigali, Rwanda. She intends to double major in Neuroscience and French. Feza is a member of the African and Caribbean Student Association (ACASA), a resident of the Community Engagement House (CoHo), and a member of the Sewanee Multicultural Health Society (SMHS). In addition to English, Feza is fluent in Kinyarwanda and French.

Susan Wang, C'23 | Kunming, China

Susan is from Kunming, China. She plans to major in Psychology and Economics. Susan was a member of the University choir, and participates in Organization for Cross-Cultural Understanding (OCCU). Susan lives in the Asian House and loves the sense of community on campus. During the summer, she has participated in research with Dr. Wilson that focused on Chinese environmental laws and issues. In addition to English, Susan is fluent in Chinese.

Feihan Yu, C'23 | Shanghai, China

Feihan is from Shanghai, China, and went to Richmond, Virginia, for high school. She plans to major in Finance and minor in Humanities. Feihan is a member of the chamber ensemble and loves playing tennis. She especially enjoys the tight relationships with professors in Sewanee. In addition to English, Feihan is fluent in Chinese.

Kaiwen Zheng, C'24 | Kunming, China

Kaiwen is from Kunming, China. She plans to major in biochemistry and minor in neuroscience. Kaiwen is a member of Sewanee Symphony Orchestra and OCCU. She plays the cello and likes watching ballet dramas, especially those choreographed by Nureyev. Her favorite part about Sewanee is the close connection between students and professors. In addition to English, Kaiwen is fluent in Chinese.

Hamza Zia, C'24 | Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Hamza is from Rawalpindi, Pakistan; however, he has traveled and lived all across Pakistan. He is majoring in mathematics and economics. Hamza loves reading philosophy, exploring foreign cultures, and hiking. In addition to English, Hamza is fluent in Urdu and understands Punjabi and Pashto.