Current international students and US citizens who have lived abroad want to connect with you! No matter where you're from, our students are ready to answer your questions about living and studying at Sewanee as an international student.

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Our students are excited to connect with you about their Sewanee experience over email. While email is your first point of contact, many of these students are happy to connect with you over WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. Questions about admission or financial aid should be directed to international admissions. For those with a WeChat, we encourage you to follow Sewanee's Official WeChat

International Alumni

Read about some recent international alumni and what they did as a student at Sewanee at the bottom of this website.

Mohamed Abdelsalam, C'25 | Giza, Egypt

Mohamed is from Giza, Egypt. He plans to major in Physics and minor in Computer Science. Mohamed is a member of the Arabic Table, OCCU, MSA, and Computing Society, among others. He also works as a prep room assistant in the biology department. In his free time, Mohamed loves to play table tennis and video games, as well as explore the Domain through trips by the Sewanee Outing Program. In addition to English, Mohamed is fluent in Arabic.

Faith Daisy, C'24 | Morne Rachette, Dominica

Faith is from Morne Rachette, Commonwealth Dominica. She is majoring in International and Global Studies with a minor in Italian. In her free time, Faith enjoys going for walks, baking, and embroidery. She is a member of the OCCU, an organization geared toward international students, and is the Random Acts of Kindness Chair on the Tiger Entertainment Board.

Rehan Ali, C'24 | Lahore, Pakistan

Rehan is from Lahore, Pakistan. He intends to major in Environment and Sustainability and minor in Mathematics. Rehan is a Bonner Leader and takes an active part in the Office of Civic Engagement. He likes to be involved in outdoors activities. In addition to English, Rehan is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi.

Yuliia Humeniuk, C'24 | Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Yulia is from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. She is planning to major in Chemistry and to have a double minor in Biochemistry and Neuroscience. Yuliia is an active member of the OCCU and a resident of the Global Home. She is interested in research, volunteering, and encountering new cultures and perspectives. Yuliia speaks four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, and French. She is currently interested in learning Vietnamese.

Kostas Andriotis, C'25 | Thessaloniki, Greece

Kostas is from Thessaloniki, Greece. He plans to major in Biology and minor in Politics. Kostas is a member of OCCU, works in the Office of Administration as a work-study student, and is a tour guide in the Arcadian program. Kostas loves cycling and swimming at Sewanee. In addition to English, Kostas is fluent in Greek.

Saverio Annunziata, C'24 | Naples, Italy

Saverio is from Naples, Italy. He is majoring in Finance and minoring in Business administration. Saverio is a Carey Fellow, member of the GVC industrial sector, and participates in many other activities. He is into any kind of sport, from wrestling to climbing. Saverio speaks English, Italian, and Napoletano.

Ben Csaszar, C'25 | Budapest, Hungary

Ben is planning to major in Politics and potentially double in International and Global Studies. Ben is a Klein Scholar, radio host at the Sewanee Fog, a member of the water polo team, and works at the duPont Library, among other things. Ben loves to hang out with his friends, go on hikes, and enjoys talking about all sports, especially Sewanee soccer and football. In addition to English, Ben is fluent in Hungarian and has a decent knowledge of Italian.

Talha Ehsan, C'25 | Lahore, Pakistan

Talha is majoring in Economics and Computer Science and minoring in Business. He is part of Sewanee OCCU and Muslim Student Association. He is also Global Peace Ambassador. He works in Chemistry Department as a lab assistant. He likes to Travel around the world and have a great interest in Photography. Talha is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

Mustafa Eldmerdash, C'25 | Cairo, Egypt

Mustafa is from Cairo, Egypt. He is planning to major in Computer Science and minor in Business. Mustafa is  a member of Sewanee Computing Society, OCCU, the Sewanee Purple, and many other organizations on campus. He enjoys writing, hiking, and playing video games. He is also interested in research opportunities at Sewanee. In addition to English, Mustafa is fluent in Arabic.

Roberto Ferrey, C'24 | Managua, Nicaragua

Roberto is from Managua, Nicaragua. He intends to major in Finance and minor in Business. Roberto is interested in learning more about business administration and marketing. He likes watching movies, helping people, hanging out with his friends. In addition to English, he is fluent in Spanish.

Máté Garai, C'24 | Budapest, Hungary

Máté is a Klein Scholar from Budapest, Hungary. He would like to major in Physics with a potential second major in Mathematics. Máté is living at the Community Engagement House this year helping to organize both fun and meaningful events to create a stronger sense of community on campus. Along with physics, he is also interested in theater and photography. Along with his work-study in the Cup & Gown café he also works as a student technician at Guerry auditorium and helps as a research assistant in Snowden hall. In addition to English, Máté is fluent in Hungarian and also very familiar with Italian language and culture.

Kamilla Haidaienko, C'25 | Odesa, Ukraine

Kamilla is a prospective Mathematics and Art double major with a German Studies minor. On campus, Kamilla serves as an Honor Council C'25 representative, is on the student Title IX Committee, and is a Sewanee Angel. She is also co-founder of Sewanee Makerspace and is actively involved in the Crafting Guild, and Sewanee Physics Society. Camille is dedicated to the Organization for Cross Cultural Understanding where she focuses on building a stronger international community at Sewanee and educating people about Ukranian culture. Kamilla also loves playing volleyball, plans to found a volleyball club on campus and is learning to play golf. Apart from English, Camille speaks Ukranian, German, Polish, Spanish and Russian.  

Ahmad Ijaz, C'24 | Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan

Ahmad is from Lahore, Pakistan. He is majoring in Finance and minoring in Business. Ahmad is a Proctor, 2020-21 Dialogue Ambassador, and is involved with the Green Fund, Dialogue Across Difference, OCCU, and Green's View Capital. He loves to play soccer and explore the nature at Sewanee through the Sewanee Outing Program. In addition to English, he is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi.

Aqsa Jamali, C'25 | Jaffarabad, Pakistan

Aqsa plans to major in Economics with a minor in Business. Aqsa is involved with the Organization of Cross-Cultural Understanding (OCCU), the Interfaith Advisory Council, and the Office of Civic Engagement. Aqsa is passionate about volunteering and has worked with non-profit organizations in her hometown. At Sewanee, Aqsa intends to be a part of the Student Government Association and Order of the Gown. In addition to English, Aqsa is fluent in Urdu, Balochi, Sindhi, and is working on learning French.

Vivine Kampire, C'24 | Kigali, Rwanda

Vivine is from Kigali, Rwanda. She has decided to major in Psychology and minor in French. She is on the Honor Counsil, a Sewanee Arcadian as in a tour guide, a resident of the Global Home, and an active member of OCCU the Sewanee Catholic Community. In addition to English, She is fluent in Kinyarwanda and French.

Miu Kazama, C'24 | Tokyo, Japan

Miu is from Tokyo, Japan. Her plan is to major in Psychology. Miu is a member of OCCU, co-director of MCC, and belongs to a Sewanee cheerleading team. She attempts to make the students on campus engage in cultural discussions and value each other's perspectives and beliefs. She loves to dance and have cultural discussions with other people and bring diversity into the community. In addition to English, Miu is fluent in Japanese. She is currently taking a Spanish class to acquire her third language.

Channita Keuk, C'24 | Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Nita is from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and plans to major in Chemistry and minor in Biochemistry and Business. Nita is a member of Sewanee Active Minds, SMHS, SHPS, OCCU, and SAO and works in the chemistry prep room as a lab assistant. In addition to English, Nita is fluent in Khmer.

Shehryar Khan, C'24 | Lahore, Pakistan

Shehryar is from Lahore, Pakistan. He plans to major in Computer Science and History, with a minor in Physics. Shehryar is currently studying remotely for the fall semester. He is involved in numerous activities on and off campus. Currently, he is a Campus Activities Student Assistant, part of a Friendship Family with Dr James Peters and Cheri Peters, and a Tiger Pod member. Shehryar loves to make short films and podcasts as a hobby. In addition to English, he is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi, and introductory Chinese.

Debbie Lim, C'24 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Debbie is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is planning to major in Computer Science and Neuroscience. She is an active member of a few organizations, including the Global Home, OCCU, Computing Society and CRU, and works at McClurg, with Sewanee Dining. She enjoys spending time outdoors on the Domain, playing card games and video games, as well practicing her ukulele. In addition to English, Debbie is proficient in Chinese.

Bob Makazhu, C'24 | Harare, Zimbabwe

Bob is from Harare, Zimbabwe. He plans to major in Computer Science and Mathematics on a 4-2 Engineering track. Bob is a Bonner Leader, an active member of OCCU, CRU, Office of Civic Engagement, and many other organizations. He loves playing musical instruments, outdoor events, and attending leadership development programs. In addition to English, Bob is fluent in Shona.

Kabir Menon, C'25 | Chhindwara, India

Kabir is from Chhindwara, India. He intends to double major in Biology and Environmental Sustainability and minor in Psychology. He is an active member of the Student Outing Program, OCCU, SOCO, Greenhouse, and other sustainability oriented organizations at Sewanee. He loves hiking, rock climbing, and birdwatching at the Domain. He also works with the Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability as a wildlife researcher. Besides English, Kabir is fluent in Hindi.

Abood Najjar, C'25 | Gaza, Palestine

Abood is from Gaza, Palestine. He's double-majoring in Neuroscience and Computer Science and is also on the pre-medical track. Abood is an active member of OCCU,  Interfaith Advisory Council, Computing Society, Tennis club, and Sewanee MSA. He enjoys exploring campus and playing various sports. In addition to English, Abood is fluent in Arabic.

Khanh Nguyen, C'24 | Hanoi, Vietnam

Khanh is from Hanoi, Vietnam. He is planning to major in Mathematics and Economics. Khanh is an active member of OCCU, Global Home Theme House, and involved with Greek life. In addition to English, he is fluent in Vietnamese.

Ngan Nguyen, C'24 | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ngan plans to major in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. She is a resident of German House, the VP of Sewanee Computing Society and in the Student Leader Team of Sewanee Dining Program. Outside the classroom, she enjoys dancing, learning foreign languages, developing software and trying out fusion recipes. She hopes to foster a stronger interest in technology among students along with her pursuit of software engineering. In addition to English, Ngan speaks Vietnamese, German and basic Spanish.

Mian Ahmad Shah, C'24 | Islamabad, Pakistan

Ahmad Shah is from Islamabad, Pakistan. He plans on majoring in Molecular Biology and minoring in Computer Science and Business. Ahmad is a Peer Career Advocate at the Career Center and the student manager at Sewanee Fitwell. He also works as a lab assistant in the Chemistry department. Ahmad is involved in several organizations including OCCU, Interfaith Advisory Council, and Muslim Students Association. In the future, he plans to play tennis for the University. In addition to English, Ahmad is fluent in Urdu, Hindi, and Pashto.

Pratham Singhal, C'24 | Indore, India

Pratham is a sophomore from Indore, India. He is a prospective Economics and Politics double major student, with a minor in Business. Pratham is the Vice President & Treasurer for SAO, Treasurer & senator in Student Government Association, member of Student Conduct Board, OCCU, Interfaith Council, and Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI). Pratham is also the Economics Research Assistant on campus and a member of the Order of the Gown. In addition to English, Pratham is fluent in Hindi and French.

Quynh Truong, C'24 | Hanoi, Vietnam

Quynh is majoring in Economics and minoring in Business. Quynh is Canale leader, active member of OCCU, the Art Forum and the Multicultural Center. In addition to English, Quynh is fluent in Vietnamese and she is trying to pick up some French.

Natasha Wanjiru, C'24 | Nairobi, Kenya

Natasha is from Nairobi, Kenya. She is majoring in International and Global Studies with a focus on Global Culture in Africa. Natasha is a part of the Student Leaders at the Sewanee Dining and a member of the Global Home Theme house. During her free time, Natasha likes to draw and paint. 

Kaiwen Zheng, C'24 | Kunming, China

Kaiwen is from Kunming, China. She plans to major in biochemistry and minor in neuroscience. Kaiwen is a member of Sewanee Symphony Orchestra and OCCU. She plays the cello and likes watching ballet dramas, especially those choreographed by Nureyev. Her favorite part about Sewanee is the close connection between students and professors. In addition to English, Kaiwen is fluent in Chinese.

Hamza Zia, C'24 | Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Hamza is from Rawalpindi, Pakistan; however, he has traveled and lived all across Pakistan. He is majoring in mathematics and economics. Hamza loves reading philosophy, exploring foreign cultures, and hiking. In addition to English, Hamza is fluent in Urdu and understands Punjabi and Pashto.

International Alumni