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 2‌021 Sewanee Medieval Colloquium Schedule 


Forty-Sixth Annual

   Sewanee Medieval Colloquium 

Hosted Remotely by

The University of the South

Sewanee, TN



FRIDAY, 9 April


8:30 A.M.—

9:50 A.M.       SESSIONS 1-4


1.              Early Medieval Politics                      


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Inheriting a Kingdom?: ‘Position’ Before King in Ninth Century Bavaria (c. 860-887)

            Jonathan Dell Isola, Catholic University


Paper: “The Position of Jordanes in His Day and Ours: The Case for a Roman Goth Writing Roman-Gothic History

            Brian Swain, Kennesaw State University


Comment: Matthew Bryan Gillis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville



2.         Gender and Hierarchy                  


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Beyond the Realm of the Haram: A Case Study of the Mughal Administrator I‘timād Khān Khwājasarā

            Shreejita Basak, Jawaharlal Nehru University


Paper: “Gender and Authority in Medieval Heresy: The Case of the Children of the Holy Spirit

            Adam Hoose, Troy University, Dothan Campus


Comment: Ayfer Karakaya-Stump, College of William and Mary



3.         Iberian Negotiations                    


Chair: Stephen Raulston, University of the South


Paper: “‘Y pasó por mi’: From Rejecting Hegemony to Writing a Legacy: Digital Approaches to Medieval Iberian Women’s Writing”

            Holly Kashin Brown, University of Birmingham


Paper: “Female dignity and spatial appropriation: Dynastic pantheons and Iberian women during 11th century”

            Pilar Recio Bazal, Universidad Complutense of Madrid


Comment: TBA



4.         Old English Privileges      


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Where are the Weavers? Gender and Labor in Gerefa and the Evangelium of Pseudo-Matthew

            Christina Heckman, Augusta University


Paper: “Women as Poet Rather than Invoked Voice in Old English Charms”

            Rebecca Mouser, Missouri Southern State University


Comment: Britt Mize, Texas A&M University



10:00 A.M.—

12:00 P.M.       SESSIONS 5-8


5.         The Position of Italian Literature                                 


Chair: Maggie Fritz-Morkin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Paper: “Feeling with Fiammetta: Metafictions of Readerly Empathy in Boccaccio and Juan de Flores”

            Sara Torres, University of Virginia


Paper: “L’arboro captivo fa captivo fructo: Pastoral Politics in the Lyric Song of Late-Fifteenth-
Century Southern Italy

            Elizabeth Elmi, Indiana University


Comment: Elsa Filosa, Vanderbilt University


6.         Querying Privilege                        


Chair: Jeffery Stoyanoff, Pennsylvania State University - Altoona


Paper: “A Sure Thing? Queering the Archive in John Lydgate’s Mumming and Disguisings

            Matthew Davis, Blinn College


Paper: “Text, Local Practice, and Their Situational Privilege in the Life of the N-Town Plays

            Britt Mize, Texas A&M University


Paper: “The Peculiar Case of the Virgin’s Songs: Polyphony and Privilege in the York Assumption

            John Sebastian, Loyola Marymount University


Comment: Theresa Coletti, University of Maryland


7.         Translation and Reception


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Anne de Graville Translates Alain Chartier: Identifying the Manuscript Source in the Margins of BNfr 2235

            Joan McRae, Middle Tennessee State University


Paper: “‘Diseynt, ‘Manhu, manhu,’ en lur langage’: Translating Privileged Languages in the Estoyres de la Bible (BL MS Harley 2253)

            Marjorie Harrington, Western Michigan University


Paper: Global Textual Transmission: Medieval Fable Literature from B.C.E. India to the 16th Century C.E. with a Focus on Swiss Poet Ulrich Bonerius (1350)

Albrecht Classen, University of Arizona


Comment: Roberta Krueger, Hamilton College



8.         Form in Middle English Literature        


Chair: TBA


Paper: “The Fairy King’s Miscellany: Re-positioning Body and Text in Sir Orfeo’s Otherworld

            Arielle McKee, Gardner-Webb University


Paper: “Positioning the Constance Narrative as Allegory”

            Isabel Stern, Rutgers University


Paper: “Subversion and Dominance: Speakers and Judges in Medieval Debate Poetry”

            Kathleen Burt, Middle Georgia State University


Comment: Ruth Evans, Saint Louis University


12:00 P.M.—

1:00 P.M.        LUNCH BREAK


1:00 P.M.—

1:30 P.M          Mentorship Meetings


1:30 P.M.—

3:30 P.M.        SESSIONS 9-12


9.         La Feminine


Chair: TBA


Paper: “‘Solitary and separated from the world’: Christine de Pizan and Female Enclosure in La Livre de la Cité des Dames

            Gayle Fallon, Auburn University


Paper: “Who Painted the Lion?: Christine de Pizan, The Treasure of the City of Ladies, and Female-Authored Conduct Literature

            Jordan Schoonover, The Ohio State University


Paper: “Machaut’s ‘Feminine’ Lyric Poetry: Giving Voice to the Lady?

Matthew Sieffert, Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier 


Comment: Joan McRae, Middle Tennessee State University



10.       Gender and Genre: Gender and Romance                                                                               

Chair: Daisy Delogu, University of Chicago


Paper: “We Can Write a Bad Romance: Male Pregnancy, Sodomy, and Subversive Play in Amis and Amiloun

            Zachary Engledow, Indiana University


Paper: “‘And If That I Consente, I Wrongfully Compleyne’: Genre, Social Pressure, and Desire in Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde

Abigail Greff, The Ohio State University


Paper: “The Wandering Couple: Gender and Marital Adventure in Guillaume de Palerne

            Jacqueline Victor, University of Chicago


Comment: Geri Smith, University of Central Florida



11.        Privilege and Position in Teaching the History of the English Language                                   


Chair: Chris Palmer, Kennesaw State University


Paper: “Repositioning HEL in the English Curriculum through Literary Analysis

            Megan Hartman, University of Nebraska, Kearney


Paper: “Repositioning English: Language Shift in HEL

            Yin Liu, University of Saskatchewan


Paper: “Repositioning HEL in the General Education Curriculum

            Felicia Steele, The College of New Jersey


Comment: Mary E. Blockley, University of Texas, Austin


12.        Royal Privileges                                         


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Getting Away with Murder: Abuse of Pardon in Late Medieval France

            Aleksandra Pfau, Hendrix College


Paper: “The Crusading Counts of Champagne: Putting Privilege and Position to Use at the End of the Twelfth Century

Randall Pippenger, Princeton University


Paper: “The Privilege of Retirement from the Position of Royal Cook or other Royal Service in Medieval England

            Wendy Turner, Augusta University


Comment: Sara Butler, The Ohio State University


3:30 P.M.—

5:30 P.M.        SESSIONS 13-15



13.        Gender and Genre: Occupying Genre                           


Chair: Jessica Hines, Birmingham Southern College


Paper: “On the Transgender Soul: Hagiography as a Trans Genre of Embodiment

            Gabrielle M.W. Bychowski, Case Western Reserve University


Paper: “Tender Debts: Women as Free Traders in the Decameron’s Sexual Marketplaces

            Maggie Fritz-Morkin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Paper: Sapiential Women, Foolish Men: Destabilizing Gender through Proverbs in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

            Johanna Kramer, University of Missouri, Columbia


Comment: Daisy Delogu, University of Chicago



14.       The Privileges of Romance          


Chair: Valerie Hotchkiss, Vanderbilt University


Paper: “Emotional Privilege: Courtliness and Kay's Resentful Body in the Romances of Chrétien de Troyes

            Judith Haas, Rhodes College


Paper: “Curdling Chivalry: The Politics of Separation in The Knightly Tale of Gologras and Gawain

            Shelby Preston, University of Missouri, Columbia


Paper: “Gender, Home, and Narrative in Sir Perceval of Galles

            Elizabeth Watkins, Loyola University, New Orleans


Comment: Lee Manion, University of Missouri, Columbia



15.        Placing Middle English Literature        


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Lydgate’s Apologies to Women”

            Michelle Ripplinger, University of California, Berkeley


Paper: “Reconsidering Monarchical Privilege: Reading Networks and Justice in Confessio Amantis Book 7”

            Jeffery Stoyanoff, Pennsylvania State University - Altoona


Paper: “Beyond “Chaung[ing] ble”: Enclosed Identities and Embodied Transmission in The King of Tars”

            Sydney Owada, University of Michigan


Comment: Matthew Giancarlo, University of Kentucky





5:30 P.M.—

6:00 P.M.       COFFEE BREAK(OUTS) (click to sign up)


6:00 P.M.        First PLENARY SESSION

Brinley Rhys Memorial Lecture


Title TBA

Seeta Chaganti, University of California, Davis


7:00 P.M.        DINNER BREAK


8:00 P.M—






SATURDAY, 10 April



8:30 A.M.—

9:50 A.M.       SESSIONS 16-20


16.       The Borders of Byzantium                                               


Chair: TBA


Paper: “The Byzantine Honorific Titles and the Relationships between Constantinople and the Provinces”

            Gavriil-Ioannis Boutziopoulos, University of Birmingham


Paper: “The Romans Have Not Established His Commemoration: The Impact of Imperial Power on the Collective Memory of Christians in the Middle East

            Joshua Mugler, Hill Museum and Manuscript Library


Comment: TBA


17.        Positing Medicinal Knowledge


Chair: TBA


Paper: “A Poisoning at St. Sofia”

            Chelsea Silva, Oklahoma State University


Paper: “The Art of Medicine in the Philosophy of Moses Miamonides

            Norman Whitman, University of Houston, Downtown


Comment: TBA


18.       Rethinking Early English                        


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Positioning a Postcolonial Orm

            Matthew Aiello, University of Pennsylvania


Paper: “Woman as Poet Rather than Invoked Voice in Old English Charms

            Rebecca Mouser, Missouri Southern State University University


Comment: Elaine Treharne, Stanford University



19.       Privilege and Position in Pedagogies Medieval and Modern                                                                      


Chair: Jake Coen and Emily McLemore, University of Notre Dame


Paper: “‘With the confidence of a middle-aged white man’: Teaching Dante and Navigating Privilege in the Tertiary Classroom

            Emma Barlow, University of Sydney


Paper: “Unsilencing Female Voices: Recentering the Medieval Literature Class

            Virginia Scoggins, Lander University


Comment: Mary Dockray-Miller, Lesley University


20.       Mysticism and Hierarchy                        


Chair: Rebecca Makas, Villanova University


Paper: “Worm-Person or Handmaid of Christ? Position and Authority in the Letters of Elisabeth of Schönau

            Christina Grundmann, University of St Andrews


Paper: “A Claim to the Throne or Resistance’s Siren Song: Authority and Epistemology in Medieval Persianate Sufism

            Matthew Lynch, University of the South


Comment: María Carriόn, Emory University



10:00 A.M.—

12:00 P.M.       SESSIONS 21-26


21.        Masculine Writing                                   


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Privileged Communications: Expressing Masculine Fear in Fourteenth-Century Iberian Letters

            David Cantor-Echols, University of Chicago


Paper: “Hegemonic Masculinity in the Heroic Narratives of the Norman South

Daniel W. Morgan, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Comment: Linda Mitchell, University of Missouri, Kansas City


22.       Privileged Afterlives of Early Medieval Saints                                                                                    

Chair: TBA


Paper: “From Guthlac to Waltheof: Warrior Saints in Literature and History

            M. Wendy Hennequin, Tennessee State University

            Elizabeth Dachowski, Tennessee State University


Paper: “'All the Saints of the Church Together': Early Medieval Saints in Twelfth-Century Northumbria

            Lauren Whitnah, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Paper: To Speak or Not to Speak in the Life of Oda: The Normative and Narrative Position of Silence in Medieval Hagiography”

Arvind Thomas, University of California, Los Angeles


Comment: Catherine Sanok, University of Michigan



23.       Manuscript Privileges I               


Chair: Elizabeth C. Teviotdale, University of California, Los Angeles Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies


Paper: “Legacies of Privilege: Making Meaning for Medieval Manuscripts

            Evan Gatti, Elon University


Paper: “Imaging Peoplehood: Privilege and Position in Illuminated Medieval Sephardic Haggadot

            Lorraine Madway, University of Alabama


Paper: “Visible Revisions: The Evolving Content and Context of a Flemish Crusade Manuscript”

Bradley Phillis, Gardner-Webb University


Comment: TBA



24.       Positioning Margery Kempe                                          


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Preaching as Power: Negotiating Sermons, Gender and Performance in the Digby Mary Magdalene and The Book of Margery Kempe

            Ann Hubert, St. Lawrence University


Paper: “Margery Kempe’s Self-Interpretive Practice: Privilege and Power in The Book of Margery Kempe

            Anne Spear, Southern Louisiana University


Paper: “Bed Devotion: A Crib for Jesus and the Question of Medieval Motherhood

            Stacie Vos, University of California, San Diego


Comment: TBA


25.       Medievalisms                                 


Chair: TBA


Paper: “A Connecticut Yankee in Abelard’s Cloister: A Dialogue between a Medievalist and Civil War Historian

            Abigail P. Dowling, Mercer University

Sarah E. Gardner, Mercer University


Paper: “Women’s Positions, Men’s Privilege, and Meghan Purvis’s Beowulf

            Emily McLemore, University of Notre Dame


Comment: Anita Obermeier, University of New Mexico



12:00 P.M.—

1:00 P.M.        LUNCH BREAK


1:00 P.M.—

1:30 P.M          Mentorship Meetings



1:30 P.M.—     Seminar: Caused Selves: Embodying

3:30 P.M.        the Material World in the Middle Ages



Julie Orlemanski, University of Chicago




“Claustrophobia, Sensation, and Allegorical Selves in The Pilgrimage of The Life of Man

Shoshana Adler, University of Pennsylvania


“Touching the Heart with Words: Extending a Saint's Reach through Sound”

Nicole Archambeau, Colorado State University


“If She Escapes Alive: Risk, Power, and Life Insurance for Enslaved Pregnant Women”

Hannah Barker, Arizona State University


“Wax and Embodiment: The Sculptural Cores of the Reliquary Shrine of St. Servatius in Maastricht”

Luke Fidler, University of Chicago


“Alchemical Bodies and the Science of Sex”

Micah Goodrich, University of Connecticut


“Painting Against Time: Spectatorship and Visual Entanglement in the Anagni Crypt”

Marius Hauknes, University of Notre Dame


“Re-Forming the Self with Leben Jesu

Orsolya Mednyánszky, John Hopkins University


“The Matter of Personae in Medieval Italy”

Melissa Vise, Washington and Lee University





3:30 P.M.—    SESSIONS 26-29

5:30 P.M.       


26.       The Ethics of Arthur: Medieval and Medievalist       


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Arthurian Ethics and Ethical Reading in Perlesvaus

Joseph Derosier, Beloit College


Paper: “Translation Praxis and the Ethical Value of Chivalry in Laȝamon’s Brut

Christopher Jensen, Albany State University


Paper: “Imperial Ambitions and the Ethics of Power: Gender, Race, and the Exclusionary Practices of Medieval Arthuriana

            Nahir Otaño Gracia, University of New Mexico


Comment: Melissa Ridley Elmes, Lindenwood University



27.       Peripheral Medieval Studies      


Chair: Emily Houlik-Ritchey, Rice University, and Clara Pascual-Argente, Rhodes College


Paper: “‘и прия власть Рюрикъ:’ Tyranny and Power on the Eastern Edges of Europe

            Jake Coen, University of Notre Dane


Paper: “At the Eurasian Periphery: Decentering the Medieval Romance

            Eva Kuras, University of Illinois


Paper: “Centering Emotion in Medieval Islamic Studies”

            Stephanie Yep, Appalachian State University


Comment: Simone Pinet, Cornell University



28.       Dramatic Positions                                  


Chair: TBA


Paper: “Privilege and Catastrophe in the Wakefield and Chester Noah

            Rafael Jaime, University of California, Los Angeles


Paper: “Mural Paintings and Early Dramas: Costumed Angels on Parish Church Walls

            Therese Novotny, Carroll University


Paper: “Feeling Poorly in John Lydgate’s Disguising at Hertford

            Annika Pattenaude, University of Michigan


Comment: Christina Fitzgerald, University of Toledo


29.       Manuscript Privileges II              


Chair: TBA


Paper: “New Prayers in the Stammheim Missal”

            Elizabeth C. Teviotdate, University of California, Los Angeles Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies


Paper: “A Mess-en-Page? Distinguishing Latin and Vernacular in a Northern English Commentary on Matthew's Gospel

            Lora J. Walsh, University of Arkansas


Comment: Michael Kuczynski, Tulane University


5:30 P.M.—

6:00 P.M.       COFFEE BREAK(OUTS) (click to sign up)


6:00 P.M.       PLENARY SESSION           


Title: “Policing the Rural Migrant Labor Force”

            William Chester Jordan, Princeton University


7:00 P.M.        DINNER BREAK


8:00 P.M.—