2‌020 Sewanee Medieval Colloquium Schedule 


Forty-Sixth Annual

   Sewanee Medieval Colloquium 

17-18 April 2020


“Priviledge and Position”  

The University of the South

Sewanee, TN 


FRIDAY, 17 April


7:30 A.M.        Registration begins, Convocation Hall

                        (Light breakfast and printed program available)

8:30 A.M.— 9:50 A.M.        SESSIONS 1-4


1.                   Early Medieval Politics                       Spencer 271

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Inheriting a Kingdom?: ‘Position’ Before King in Ninth Century Bavaria (c. 860-887)”

            Jonathan Della Isola, Catholic University 

Paper: “The Position of Jordanes in His Day and Ours: The Case for a Roman Goth Writing Roman-Gothic History”

            Brian Swain, Kennesaw State University 

Comment: TBA


2.         Medievalisms                                   DuPont Library, Torian Room

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “A Connecticut Yankee in Abelard’s Cloister: A Dialogue between a Medievalist and Civil War Historian

            Abigail P. Dowling, Mercer University

Sarah E. Gardner, Mercer University 

Paper: “Women’s Positions, Men’s Privilege, and Meghan Purvis’s Beowulf

            Emily McLemore, University of Notre Dame 

Comment: Anita Obermeier, University of New Mexico


 3.         Islamic Governance                      Walsh-Ellett 310

 Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Beyond the Realm of the Haram: The Case-Study of I‘timād Khān Khwājasarā

            Shreejita Basak, Jawaharlal Nehru University 

Paper: “The Reign of Ibn Hud and Andalusi Identity after the Almohads”

            Anthony Minnema, Samford University 

Comment: TBA


 4.         Manuscripts and Translations                Social Lodge

 Chair: Bard Swallow, University of York 

Paper: “Anne de Graville Translates Alain Chartier: Identifying the Manuscript Source in the Margins of BNfr 2235

            Joan McRae, Middle Tennessee State University 

Paper: “‘Diseynt, ‘Manhu, manhu,’ en lur langage’: Translating Privileged Languages in the Estoyres de la Bible (BL MS Harley 2253)”

            Marjorie Harrington, Western Michigan University 

Comment: Roberta Krueger, Hamilton College 


10:00 A.M.— 12:00 P.M.       SESSIONS 5-7 

5.         Querying Privilege                         Spencer 271 

Chair: Jeffery Stoyanoff, Spring Hill College 

Paper: “A Sure Thing? Queering the Archive in John Lydgate’s Mumming and Disguisings”

            Matthew Davis, Blinn College 

Paper: “Text, Local Practice, and Their Situational Privilege in the Life of the N-Town Plays”

            Britt Mize, Texas A&M University 

Paper: “The Peculiar Case of the Virgin’s Songs: Polyphony and Privilege in the York Assumption”

            John Sebastian, Loyola Marymount University 

Comment: Theresa Coletti, University of Maryland


 6.         Positioning Christine de Pizan          DuPont Library, Torian Room

 Chair: TBA 

Paper: “‘Solitary and separated from the world’: Christine de Pizan and Female Enclosure in La Livre de la Cité des Dames

            Gayle Fallon, Louisiana State University 

Paper: “Who Painted the Lion?: Christine de Pizan, The Treasure of the City of Ladies, and Female-Authored Conduct Literature”

            Jordan Schoonover, The Ohio State University 

Paper: “Print, Privilege, and Politics: Christine de Pizan’s Epistre Othea and Robert Wyer’s Cent Hystoryes of Troye

            Nancy Warren, Texas A&M University 

Comment: Joan McRae, Middle Tennessee State University


7.         Old English Privileges       Walsh-Ellett 310

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Where are the Weavers? Gender and Labor in Gerefa and the Evangelium of Pseudo-Matthew

            Christina Heckman, Augusta University 

Paper: “Plants, Privilege, and the Old English Herbarium

            Lori Garner, Rhodes College 

Paper: “Women as Poet Rather than Invoked Voice in Old English Charms”

            Rebecca Mouser, Missouri Southern State University 

Comment: TBA


8.         Form in Middle English Literature         Social Lodge 

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “The Fairy King’s Miscellany: Re-positioning Body and Text in Sir Orfeo’s Otherworld”

            Arielle McKee, Gardner-Webb University 

Paper: “Positioning the Constance Narrative as Allegory”

            Isabel Stern, Rutgers University 

Comment: Ingrid L. Nelson, Amherst College


12:00 P.M.— 1:00 P.M.         LUNCH, Convocation Hall 


1:00 P.M.— 3:00 P.M.        SESSIONS 9-12 

9.         Gender and Genre: Gender and Romance                Spencer 271

 Chair: Daisy Delogu, University of Chicago 

Paper: “We Can Write a Bad Romance: Male Pregnancy, Sodomy, and Subversive Play in Amis and Amiloun

            Zachary Engledow, Indiana University 

Paper: “‘And If That I Consente, I Wrongfully Compleyne’: Genre, Social Pressure, and Desire in Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde

Abigail Greff, The Ohio State University 

Paper: “The Wandering Couple: Gender and Marital Adventure in Guillaume de Palerne

            Jacqueline Victor, University of Chicago 

Comment: Geri Smith, University of Central Florida


 10.       Privilege and Position in Teaching the History of the English Language          DuPont Library, Torian Room 

Chair: Chris Palmer, Kennesaw State University 

Paper: “Repositioning HEL in the English Curriculum through Literary Analysis”

            Megan Hartman, University of Nebraska, Kearney 

Paper: “Repositioning English: Language Shift in HEL”

            Yin Liu, University of Saskatchewan 

Paper: “Repositioning HEL in the General Education Curriculum”

            Felicia Steele, College of New Jersey 


Mary E. Blockley, University of Texas, Austin



11.        Positing Saints                    Walsh-Ellett 310

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Abbess Gertrude of Hackeborn and the Thirteenth-Century Monastery of Helfta”

            Anna Harrison, Loyola Marymount University 

Paper: “The Romans Have Not Established his Commemoration: The Impact of Imperial Power on the Collective Memory of Christians in the Middle East”

            Joshua Mugler, Hill Museum and Manuscript Library 

Paper: “To Speak or not to Speak in the Life of Oda: the Normative and Narrative Position of Silence in Medieval Hagiography”

            Arvind Thomas, University of California, Los Angeles           

Comment: Samantha Kahn Herrick, Syracuse University 


12.        Royal Privileges                                          Social Lodge 

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Getting Away with Murder: Abuse of Pardon in Late Medieval France”

            Aleksandra Pfau, Hendrix College 

Paper: “The Crusading Counts of Champagne: Putting Privilege and Position to Use at the End of the Twelfth Century”

            Randall Pippenger, Princeton University 

Paper: “The Privilege of Retirement from the Position of Royal Cook or other Royal Service in Medieval England”

            Wendy Turner, Augusta University  

Comment: Sara Butler, The Ohio State University


3:00 P.M.— 3:30 P.M.        BREAK, Convocation Hall


3:30 P.M.— 5:30 P.M.        SESSIONS 12-15


13.        Gender and Genre: Occupying Genre                                              Spencer 271 

Chair: Jessica Hines, Birmingham Southern University 

Paper: “On the Transgender Soul: Hagiography as a Trans Genre of Embodiment”

            Gabrielle M.W. Bychowski, Case Western Reserve University 

Paper: “Tender Debts: Women as Free Traders in the Decameron’s Sexual Marketplaces”

            Maggie Fritz-Morkin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Paper: “Sapiential Women, Foolish Men: Destabilizing Gender through Proverbs in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

            Johanna Kramer, University of Missouri, Columbia 

Comment: Daisy Delogu, University of Chicago  


14.       The Privileges of Romance           duPont Library, Torian Room 

Chair: Valerie Hotchkiss, Vanderbilt University 

Paper: “Emotional Privilege: Courtliness and Kay's Resentful Body in the Romances of Chrétien de Troyes”

            Judith Haas, Rhodes College 

Paper: “Impurity of Separation in The Knightly Tale of Gologras and Gawain

            Shelby Preston, University of Missouri, Columbia 

Paper: “Gender, Home, and Narrative in Sir Perceval of Galles

            Elizabeth Watkins, Loyola University, New Orleans 

Comment: Lee Manion, University of Missouri, Columbia 


15.        Placing Medieval English Literature       Walsh-Ellett 310 

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Lydgate’s Apologies to Women”

            Michelle Ripplinger, University of California, Berkeley 

Paper: “Reconsidering Monarchical Privilege: Reading Networks and Justice in Confessio Amantis Book 7”

            Jeffery Stoyanoff, Spring Hill College 

Paper: “The Inequalities of Friendship in Amis and Amiloun

            Walter Wadiak, Lafayette College  

Comment: Matthew Giancarlo, University of Kentucky



5:45 P.M.        First PLENARY SESSION Brinley Rhys Memorial Lecture              Gailor Auditorium 

Title TBA

Seeta Chaganti, University of California, Davis


7:00 P.M.        COCKTAILS AND DINNER                        Convocation Hall


SATURDAY, 18 April


7:30 A.M.        Registration continues, Convocation Hall

                        (Light breakfast and printed program available.)


8:30 A.M.— 9:50 A.M.        SESSIONS 16-19 

16.       Privileged Afterlives of Early Medieval Saints                                                                      Spencer 271 

Chair: Arvind Thomas, University of California, Los Angeles 

Paper: “From Guthlac to Waltheof: Warrior Saints in Literature and History”

            M. Wendy Hennequin, Tennessee State University

            Elizabeth Dachowski, Tennessee State University 

Paper: “'All the Saints of the Church Together': Early Medieval Saints in Twelfth-Century Northumbria”

            Lauren Whitnah, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 

Comment: Catherine Sanok, University of Michigan

17.        Manuscript Privileges I                 DuPont Library, Torian Room 

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “New Prayers in the Stammheim Missal”

            Elizabeth Teviotdate, Western Michigan University 

Paper: “A Non-Wycliffite, Unilluminated, and Anti-Vernacular Translation and Commentary on Matthew’s Gospel”

            Lora J. Walsh, University of Arkansas 

Comment: Michael Kuczynski, Tulane University


18.       Dramatic Privileges                                   Social Lodge 

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Privilege and Catastrophe in the Wakefield and Chester Noah

            Rafael Jaime, University of California, Los Angeles 

Paper: “Mural Paintings and Early Dramas: Costumed Angels on Parish Church Walls”

            Therese Novotny, Carroll University 

Comment: Christina Fitzgerald, University of Toledo


19.       Masculine Writing                                    Gailor 110 

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Privileged Communications: Expressing Masculine Fear in Fourteenth-Century Iberian Letters

            David Cantor-Echols, University of Chicago 

Paper: “Hegemonic Masculinity in the Heroic Narratives of the Norman South”

Daniel W. Morgan, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Comment: TBA



10:00 A.M.— 12:00 P.M.       SESSIONS 20-23 

20.       Mysticism and Hierarchy                         Spencer 271 

Chair: Rebecca Makas, Villanova University 

Paper: “Performing Masculinity: Gendered Hierarchy in Sufi Theology”

            Rose Deighton, Emory University 

Paper: “Worm-Person or Handmaid of Christ? Position and Authority in the Letters of Elisabeth of Schönau”

            Christina Grundmann, The Ohio State University

 Paper: “A Claim to the Throne or Resistance’s Siren Song: Authority and Epistemology in Medieval Persianate Sufism”

            Matthew Lynch, University of the South 

Comment: María Carriόn, Emory University 


21.        Manuscript Privileges II              duPont Library, Torian Room 

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Legacies of Privilege: Making Meaning for Medieval Manuscripts”

            Evan Gatti, Elon University 

Paper: “Imaging Peoplehood: Privilege and Position in Illuminated Medieval Sephardic Haggadot”

            Lorraine Madway, University of Alabama 

Paper: “Visible Revisions: The Evolving Content and Context of a Flemish Crusade Manuscript”

Bradley Phillis, Gardner-Webb University 

Comment: Sonja Drimmer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 


22.       Privilege and Position in Pedagogies Medieval and Modern                                                        Gailor 110 

Chair: Jake Coen and Emily McLemore, University of Notre Dame 

Paper: ““With the confidence of a middle-aged white man”: Teaching Dante and Navigating Privilege in the Tertiary Classroom”

            Emma Barlow, University of Sydney 

Paper: “Unsilencing Female Voices: Recentering the Medieval Literature Class”

            Virginia Scoggins, Lander University 

Comment: Mary Dockray-Miller, Lesley University


23.       Gendered Writing                                       Social Lodge 

Chair: Anne-Hélène Miller, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 

Paper: “‘Y pasó por mi.’ From Rejecting Hegemony to Writing a Legacy: Digital Approaches to Medieval Iberian Women’s Writing”

            Holly Kashin Brown, University of Birmingham 

Paper: “Machaut’s ‘Feminine’ Lyric Poetry: Giving Voice to the Lady?”

            Matthew Sieffert, Harvard University 

Comment: TBA



12:00 P.M.—1:00 P.M.         LUNCH, Convocation Hall        


1:00 P.M.—3:00 P.M.                 Jos Charles: Poetry Reading                      Gailor Auditorium           

Conversation to follow, led by Gabrielle M.W. Bychowski, Case Western Reserve University


 3:00 P.M.— 3:30 P.M.        BREAK, Convocation Hall 


3:30 P.M.—5:30 P.M.     SESSIONS 24-27      


24.       The Ethics of Arthur: Medieval and Medievalist                              Spencer 271  

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Arthurian Ethics and Ethical Reading in Perlesvaus

            Joseph Derosier, Beloit College 

Paper: “Translation Praxis and the Ethical Value of Chivalry in Laȝamon’s Brut

            Christopher Jensen, Florida State University 

Paper: “Imperial Ambitions and the Ethics of Power: Gender, Race, and the Exclusionary Practices of Medieval Arthuriana”

            Nahir Otaño Gracia, University of New Mexico 

Comment: Melissa Ridley Elmes, Lindenwood University 


25.       Peripheral Medieval Studies        Social Lodge 

Chair: Emily Houlik-Ritchey, Rice University, and Clara Pascuale-Argente, Rhodes College 

Paper: “‘и прия власть Рюрикъ:’ Tyranny and Power on the Eastern Edges of Europe”

            Jake Coen, University of Notre Dane 

Paper: “At the Eurasian Periphery: Decentering the Medieval Romance”

            Eva Kuras, University of Illinois 

Paper: “Centering Emotion in Medieval Islamic Studies”

            Stephanie Yep, Appalachian State University 

Comment: Simone Pinet, Cornell University 


26.       The Position of Italian Literature           duPont Library, Torian Room 

Chair: Maggie Fritz-Morkin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Paper: “The Latin Eclogues: Boccaccio’s Minor Work”

            Daisy Delogu, University of Chicago 

Paper: “Desire at the Edges: Compassion and Consent in Courtly Fiction”

            Sara Torres, University of Virginia 

Paper: “L’arboro captivo fa captivo fructo: Pastoral Politics in the Lyric Song of Late-Fifteenth-
Century Southern Italy”

            Elizabeth Elmi, Indiana University 

Comment: Elsa Filosa, Vanderbilt University


27.       Gender and Religious Hierarchy            Gailor 110 

Chair: TBA 

Paper: “Reading Hildegard through Hildegard: Compositional Strategy in Theodoric of Echternach’s ​Vita Sanctae Hildegardis Virginis”

            Nicholas Brown, Catholic University 

Paper: “Gender and Authority in Medieval Heresy: The Case of the Children of the Holy Spirit”

            Adam Hoose, Troy University, Dothan Campus 

Paper: “Margery Kempe’s Self-Interpretive Practice: Privilege and Power in The Book of Margery Kempe”

            Anne Spear, University of Mississippi 

Comment: Nancy Warren, Texas A&M University 


5:45 P.M.        PLENARY SESSION, Edward King Memorial Lecture            Gailor Auditorium           

“Policing the Rural Migrant Labor Force”

            William Chester Jordan, Princeton University


7:00 P.M.        COCKTAILS AND DINNER, Convocation Hall