The Sewanee Medieval Colloquium was fortunate to receive a $100,000 endowment to assist scholars attending the Colloquium with the costs of travel. This will provide about $5000 per year for such assistance, some of which has been designated for making registration free for graduate students and adjuncts. The Committee will distribute the remaining amount, taking into account level of participation, impact of assistance, as well as need and rank. We generally look to help those with fewer resources, especially graduate students and adjuncts; the goal is to bring as many people to the Colloquium as we can.

In the hopes of reducing costs and bringing the greatest number of people to the Colloquium, we also ask you to consider sharing accommodations or travel. If you answer in the affirmative for these questions, we will create lists and share it with other conference attendees; this will assist people in sharing accommodations and transportation and reducing costs. Your willingness or ability to share does not affect our funding decisions. 

The Colloquium reimburses for costs, and must receive receipts. If you are to receive reimbursement, we will ask you to scan and send, or bring to the Colloquium a copy of a government issued photo id, and will send you a form to fill out and sign. Processing time can take up to 6 weeks, though it is usually much, much faster. For the costs of registration and meals, please see our registration page.



Apply for Financial Aid here.

Financial aid applications must be received by February 1st, 2024. Decisions will be made by February 15, 2024. If you need additional help, please contact the Colloquium by email