Ways to participate:


Of course, you can always attend the Colloquium as a guest. But if you would like to be part of the program, there are several ways you can participate as a presenter at the Colloquium:

Propose a Sub-Theme (due Aug 1):

We invite proposals for sub-themes that address a particular aspect of our general theme, and could be the basis for either one or two panels. As a rule of thumb, panel themes should be broad enough to encourage numerous applicants, and interdisciplinary proposals are particularly encouraged. If a panel theme is accepted, organizers will be responsible for selecting participants (from abstracts submitted through the website by November 1 2021) and choosing a commenter to respond to the papers at the panel session.

Sub-theme proposals should include a description/rationale of the panel theme, a list of possible commenters (organizers may serve as commenters, but not as panelists), and the CVs of the organizers. Panel proposals are due August 1, 2022. 

Submit a Paper Abstract (due OCT 21): 

Proposals for papers can touch upon any aspect of the general theme, and we encourage proposals from medievalists of any discipline and any geographic area. Scholars can apply to the general call, or to specific sub-themes (which will be announced on this site in August). We accept proposals from anyone with a Ph.D. or who is in the process of gaining a doctorate. Abstracts should be submitted by October 21, 2022.

Propose a Panel (due OCT 21): 

We also invite participants to submit whole panels of papers, that is, a pre-organized panel. Professional organizations often submit panels from among their membership, but individual are also invited to do the same. To submit a full panel, you need to send a description of the panel, a CV and abstract for the papers you would like to include, and suggestions for possible respondents. Panel proposals are due October 21, 2022.


submit your abstracts and proposals using our online form.

If you prefer, you may also email us your submission.


If you are a current graduate student or an Early Career Researcher (Ph.D. after June 1, 2020), please consider applying for the R.W. Southern Prize.