Each year, organizers propose sub-themes that relate to the larger conference topic. Papers inspired by and submitted to these sub-themes will be selected by the organizers, once the submission deadline has passed. If a paper is not selected by the organizers, it will be considered for the general paper call. If you are submitting to a sub-theme, please indicate this on the abstract submission form (or in your submission email, if you prefer to submit that way). This way we will be able to pass on your abstract to the organizers for consideration.

Thread Descriptions:

Genealogies of Bodily Sovereignty and Violation

Organizers: Sarah Baechle (University of Mississippi) and Carissa Harris (Temple University)

The Poetic Line

Organizers: R. D. Perry (The University of Denver) and Spencer Straub (Princeton University)

Dramatic Lines: Medieval to Present

Organizers: Jeffery G. Stoyanoff (Penn State, Altoona) and Cameron Hunt McNabb (Eckerd College)

Medieval Literary Form(s)

Organizer: Mike Rodman Jones (The University of Nottingham)

Medieval Ecologies: Politics and Landscapes

Organizer: Joseph Taylor (University of Alabama, Huntsville)

Lines of Exclusion/Lines of Collaboration: Pioneering Female Medievalistis

Organizer: Stacie Vos (University of San Diego)