The University of the South seeks nominations and applications for the position of Director of the Babson Center for Global Commerce.

The University of the South: An Overview

The University of the South (familiarly known as Sewanee, the town in which the University is located) is one of the nation’s finest universities. An institution of the Episcopal Church, it has a distinguished undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences, a leading graduate School of Theology, and an innovative School of Letters offering summer master’s degree programs in English literature and creative writing. In an environment of intense intellectual engagement, Sewanee students are challenged to live the life of the mind and to apply their education to the complexities of our time through civic leadership. Sewanee has produced 25 Rhodes Scholars, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, a U.S. Senator and other elected officials, critically acclaimed poets and writers, leading academics who became college presidents, and three of the last five Presiding Bishops of the Episcopal Church.

The University of the South campus comprises 13,000 contiguous acres, known as the Domain. The University’s landholdings are the second largest among institutions of higher education in the United States. Situated between the Tennessee cities of Nashville and Chattanooga, the Domain occupies the western face of the Cumberland Plateau and includes a 20-mile perimeter trail providing scenic overlooks and wooded paths to bluffs, caves (some with cave-paintings), lakes, waterfalls, pasture, woods, and meadows. About one-third of this land makes up the campus, business, and residential area; the remaining two-thirds is the University Forest, managed for recreation, research, and teaching. The Domain offers recreational experiences unparalleled on any other campus in the country.

The Babson Center for Global Commerce

The Babson Center for Global Commerce is an essential element of the Wm. Polk Carey Pre-Business Program, providing a structured co-curricular program of annual mentorship, along with educational and experiential learning activities that enable students to graduate and more deeply engage in society as principled citizens poised to succeed and lead in the global economy.

The Center’s programs and activities are designed to introduce both Carey Fellows (business honors students) and the general student body to the issues and skills necessary to succeed in an engaged and responsible business career or the business aspects of their chosen career; to provide intellectual and moral development, professional encouragement, career counsel, and networking opportunities to students; to assist students seeking internships and post-graduate employment opportunities; to bring distinguished leaders and other speakers to the University; and to establish and organize repeatable programs that bring together students, faculty members, and members of the business community.

The Center supports the University’s belief that the best preparation for a career in a global context is a broad-based liberal arts education. Thus the Babson Center for Global Commerce is where the University and its concern for civic leadership, global citizenship, liberal arts education, and the business world merge to assist students in preparing for successful careers as civic and business leaders. Many of today’s leaders attribute their success to the study of the human experience and to the critical thinking abilities, writing, speaking and listening skills at the core of the liberal arts tradition at Sewanee.

The Future of the Babson Center for Global Commerce

Specific opportunities for the new Director include:

Fostering the Highest Level of Student Engagement.

The Director will build upon the strong foundation established at the Babson Center for Global Commerce over the past decade. Through established speaker series such as the Bryan Viewpoints, Graham Executives, Humphreys Entrepreneurs, and Smith Career Days, the Director will continue a rich tradition of connecting with and hosting top executives and leaders for campus engagement opportunities to explore core issues and themes of the modern business environment.

The Director will support the Carey Fellows Business Honors Program for students seeking an immersive business experience as part of their liberal arts education. They will bring a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and continuous improvement in meeting learning objectives through the Junior and Senior Seminars for Carey Fellows. These intimate courses are important foundational components in preparing students for internships and professional life after Sewanee.

The Director will serve as a mentor and advisor for Carey Fellows and all students engaging with Babson Center offerings and those exploring experiential opportunities in business and future business-related careers.

The Director may teach a disciplinary course (accounting, management, etc.) depending on relevant professional experience and opportunity.

Enhancing and Building upon a Strong Network of Committed Constituents

The Director will continue a commitment to maintaining and building upon a strong suite of internship opportunities for Carey Fellows. The internship semester occurs during the spring semester of the junior year and is a cornerstone component of the Carey Fellows experience. Maintaining and expanding myriad competitive and transformational opportunities is an important function of the Director’s role.

The Director will be a key participant in fundraising efforts and fostering relationships to support the Center’s mission and continue program advancement. In partnership with University administration and the development office, the Director will engage in development priorities as the Babson Center for Global Commerce contributes to the diversified programming of the University.

Supporting an Environment of Innovation and Best Practices in Business Education.

The Director will bring an entrepreneurial spirit, energy, and vision to ensure the Babson Center for Global Commerce fulfills the promise of the Center’s mission. They will bring relevant insights, expertise, and a modern mindset to exploring opportunities for global and entrepreneurial experience and program development.

The Director should also bring a marketing mindset to advance the Center’s exposure both on and off campus to improve marketing, expand networking efforts, and enhance Center communications. The Director will offer strategic thinking with the ability to advance the Center on the University campus and across institutions of higher education.

Leading the Commitment to Business Education in a Liberal Arts Environment

The Director will play a critical role in the dialogue with University administrators and faculty surrounding the future of business education in the liberal arts tradition. Through a shared interest in offering a contemporary and relevant business education, the Director will contribute to the direction and offerings in academic and co-curricular activities at the University.

The Role of the Director

Reporting to the Dean of the College, the Director designs and implements a co-curricular program of educational and experiential learning activities to prepare students as principled citizens better able to succeed and lead in a global economy. The Director is responsible for leading and directing the ongoing vision and administration of the Babson Center, working collaboratively with the Director of the Business Minor and the Director of the Sewanee Career Center to oversee the growth and strategic direction of the Wm. Polk Carey Pre-Business Program, helping the program to mature as a premier pre-professional model for undergraduate business education in a liberal arts setting.

The Director oversees a team of two staff members and a budget of approximately $385,000. The Babson Center for Global Commerce offers an endowment of nearly $4,000,000.

Primary Duties
  • Oversee and administer the day-to-day functions of the Center, including a staff of two.
  • Work closely with alumni, personal network contacts, and others to maintain and build upon a robust suite of internship opportunities for the Carey Fellows program.
  • Serve as mentor and coach students who show an interest in the activities of the center and the business minor, particularly the Carey Fellows.
  • Help recruit and manage the appointment of new Carey Fellows annually.
  • Manage the distribution of 4-6 summer business studies programs including the Beeken Scholars and other program specific scholarships.
  • Teach two classes a year (one per semester).
  • Working with the Advancement Office, engage alumni, parents, and friends of the University to support the programs and events of the Center through financial contribution and participation.
  • Oversee and administer several established programs such as the Graham Executive in Residence, the Bryan Viewpoint Speaker series and the Humphreys Entrepreneur in Residence.
  • Actively engage in and lead conversations with administration, faculty, students, alumni and the community to increase awareness and interaction with the Babson Center.
  • Serve as a key contact for the Admissions department to support prospective students considering the study of business, and/or the Carey Fellow program.
  • Leverage the energies, experiences, and talents of a personal network, alumni, and friends of the University to further the goals of the Center.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Desired Qualifications and Characteristics

The successful candidate will be an approachable and collaborative leader able to forge a vision for the Center and the ongoing role of business education at the University. The individual will be a creative and nimble leader with an entrepreneurial mind and the soul of a teacher.

Qualifications include a strong and demonstrated commitment to the principles and values of a liberal arts education; significant senior management and executive experience; and a record that demonstrates skills as a leader, team builder and effective communicator.

A bachelor’s degree is required, and an advanced degree is strongly preferred.

The ideal candidate will possess:

  • visionary and strategic leadership, able to see ahead clearly; ability to anticipate future consequences and trends accurately; broad knowledge and perspective, future-oriented; ability to create strategies and plans;
  • commitment to and experience with supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • excellent networking skills, able to identify and foster relationships on behalf of an organization;
  • significant experience in leading and managing teams and advancing organizations;
  • demonstrated ability to build effective programs and to lead, mentor, teach and develop students and employees;
  • proven experience in coaching and guiding institutional leadership, to include academic administration and faculty; strong facilitation, communication and presentation skills;
  • experience and understanding of current issues and implications for business education in a global context
  • expertise in creating environments of trust and transparency and championing a diverse, modern program;
  • strong business-specific knowledge and financial acumen, strategic thinking, coaching and organizational behavior/design/effectiveness skills;
  • ability to leverage data and metrics to inform and shape strategy;
  • ability to manage change with high levels of self-confidence; a keen ability to “sell” new ideas and initiatives; a willingness to take calculated risks;
  • strong listening skills, comfortable and effective at all levels of the organization; ability to communicate a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose, talk about possibilities, and inspire and motivate; and
  • demonstrated high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of ethical principles.

For best consideration, please send all confidential nominations,
inquiries and expressions of interest by March 1, 2021 to:

Susan VanGilder, Partner
Beth McCarthy, Senior Associate

The University of the South, commonly known as Sewanee, comprises a nationally ranked residential College of Arts and Sciences and a School of Theology. The University is strongly committed to the values of intellectual inquiry, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and living and serving in community. Situated on 13,000 acres atop Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau, Sewanee is known for its stunning natural beauty while providing easy access to Chattanooga, Nashville, and Huntsville. The University is affiliated with the Episcopal Church and seeks to help employees of all backgrounds and identities flourish.