Vice-Chancellor Brigety sent the letter below to the campus community on Sept. 22, 2021.

September 22, 2021

Dear University Community,

Last week, I asked several members of my cabinet to review the current University vaccination requirement and consider it in light of the progress we have made thus far in the semester. That group, in consultation with additional staff who are familiar with the issues facing affected students and employees, recommended, and I have accepted their recommendation, that the vaccination policies for students and for employees be adjusted to include the following important modifications:

  • The deadline for required vaccination will be extended from Oct. 5 to Oct. 8 to coincide with the last vaccination clinic held on campus with Walgreens.
  • Further, by Oct. 8, all students, faculty, and staff must have received either at least one shot of a two-dose regimen (for Pfizer and Moderna) or the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This is a change, as the previous policy required both shots of the two-dose regimen by Oct. 5. A leave of absence to receive a second vaccination, if applicable, will not be required.
  • The medical exemption will now include two important additions (neither requiring a leave of absence). Students must contact the Dean of Students office and employees must contact Human Resources by Oct. 8 to be eligible for these additional extensions:

1) A temporary medical exemption in the event an employee’s or student’s physician recommends that vaccination takes place at some point following the Oct. 8 deadline due to a medical condition.

2) An extension for those who have a confirmed appointment with their physician specifically to discuss options regarding vaccination after Oct. 8.

My thanks go to all of you as we move through the semester safely, and together as a community.


Reuben E. Brigety II, Ph.D.

U.S. Ambassador (ret.) 

Vice-Chancellor and President