New Covid-19 Testing Process

As soon as you arrive back in Sewanee, report to the Fowler Center for your COVID-19 test. In the video below, Public Health Officer Mariel Gingrich (and the Sewanee Tiger) walk you through the new process.

Spring Testing Information

Entry and Registration
  1. Greet the test site assistants and tell them your first and last name. They will hand you a vial labeled with your name and a swab. Do not open the swab or vial at this time.
  2. Follow the volunteers’ directions and proceed to the center of the gym floor;
  3. Follow the instructions from the testing monitor, who will take you through the sample collection process.
Sample Collection Process
  1. Stand in the space indicated by the testing monitor;
  2. When instructed, open the packet containing the swab, making sure not to touch the end with the flocked tip. Hold it in front of you, roughly 3-4 inches below the tip until instructed to begin the sample collection process;
  3. Insert the full tip of the swab into one of your nostrils. Rotate the swab against the inner walls of your nostril, making five small circles or swabbing for a total of 15 seconds. The swab must touch the inside of your nose for your sample to be properly collected. Remove the swab from your nose;
  4. Insert the same end of the swab into your other nostril, and repeat the same process. Remove the swab from your nose;
  5. Be sure the end of the swab that has been inside of your nose does not touch anything after this point—not your hand, the outside of the vial, or anything else. If you accidentally drop or contaminate your swab, simply tell the monitor. They will provide you with a new swab;
  6. There is a clear liquid inside of the vial. Please be careful not to spill the liquid contained within the vial, while you unscrew the cap. Do not touch the inner surface of the cap;
  7. Insert the swab, with the end that has been inside of your nose, into the vial of liquid;
  8. You will notice that the handle of the swab has a small perforation. Using the edge of the vial to apply pressure, break off the tip of the swab into your vial of liquid:
  9. Carefully replace the cap on the vial, making sure it is screwed on tight enough to prevent liquid from spilling.
  10. Your sample is now ready. Leave the sample at the location indicated by the sample collection monitor.
Weekly testing schedule

Like the Fall semester, students will be tested weekly during the Spring semester. Review the weekly schedule.