Communications about fall semester 2021 to members of the University community, sharing information on COVID-19 efforts, health and travel guidance, and academic programming.

 This information is current as of 2 p.m. on July 21, 2021.

Updates to Faculty, Staff, and Community

July 21: Planning continues for student arrivals and testing

In addition to planning updates, Provost Nancy Berner gives employees a reminder of the CDC guidance on masking. The new academic year dashboard will be launched Aug. 2; upload your vaccination documentation if you have not already done so.

July 14: Small “FOG” is planning for fall; how to order personal protective equipment

The Fall Operational Group is working to clarify details and integrate the University’s fall planning; the provost shares some of the items being discussed. Reminder: Please upload your vaccination documentation if you have not already done so.

July 8: Students will begin to arrive in four weeks; so far, we have vaccination documentation for about 70% of students

Provost Berner shares that students who are not vaccinated will participate in onboard testing as well as weekly surveillance testing. Masking will not be mandated in all classes, but faculty members (and meeting and event organizers) may require masks in classrooms, at meetings, lectures, or events, and for other gatherings.

June 23: Fall strategy begins to take shape; vaccination is very important

For the coming academic year, the University’s COVID-19 containment strategy will largely move toward reliance on vaccinations rather than regular testing of all students and employees.