The health and safety of our campus and community involves each of us—students, faculty, staff, and residents. In order to return safely to campus and continue with an on-campus experience, we must all commit to doing our part to help prevent an outbreak and spread of the novel coronavirus. This is most clearly stated in a set of Community Health Commitments every member of the Sewanee community is expected to support:

  • I will wear a mask except when I’m alone, asleep, eating or drinking, or maintaining proper distance. Furthermore, I will comply with any additional masking rules for specific events or facilities.
  • I will participate in daily wellness checks and keep track of my close contacts.
  • I will maintain six feet of distancing whenever possible from others.
  • I will practice safe hygiene (washing my hands frequently, covering my mouth when I cough or sneeze).
  • I will seek support as needed for my mental health and well-being and be mindful of the mental health needs of others.
  • I will get tested for COVID-19 when requested to do so. 
  • I will kindly encourage compliance in my community.
SPECIFICALLY for College students
  • I will limit use of my vehicle except for essential needs, like a medical appointment or prescription drive-thru pick-up that might occur off campus.
  • I will call the University Wellness Center immediately if I have a fever, have shortness of breath, lose taste or sense of smell, or otherwise feel ill. I will encourage my peers who seem ill to call the University Wellness Center for assistance.
  • I will participate in contact tracing in accordance with the University protocol, as needed. I will be honest and forthright in tracing efforts. I will do my best to be responsible for knowing and tracking my encounters with others, daily.
  • I will take additional care to secure my room and belongings. I understand that if I forget or lose a key (or ID), staff will not freely unlock spaces without fines being assessed. This practice will assist in limiting contact (especially after hours) with student staff and professional staff.